Patton pistol

General George S. PattonHe was larger than life, a flamboyant, charismatic and controversial personality.  Throughout his military career, General George S. Patton, Jr. dared great deeds, and inspired the troops serving under his command to achieve far beyond even their own expectations.  He was the quintessential warrior, patriot, and a brilliant military scholar.  His speeches were legendary and often inspired the troops who served under his command.  In the words of his biographer, George S. Patton, Jr. had "a genius for war."

America Remembers is proud to offer a tribute to the accomplishments and indomitable spirit of this outstanding American leader.  Here is a working Colt .45 ACP pistol, with the solid, hand-filling heft that veterans will remember.  The concept and design of the Tribute has been officially authorized by the Family of George S. Patton, Jr.

Depicted on the right side of the slide is a scene from the Battle of the Bulge, featuring tanks and troops moving through the snow toward Bastogne.  There is also a depiction of General Patton, standing in his Jeep, addressing his troops.  At the rear of the slide, on both sides, are the stars of the Lieutenant General and General ranks.

Patton pistol right side view

The left side of the slide features two classic portraits of General Patton.  Also featured is a tank, which played such an important role in achieving victory in Europe.  General Patton is shown saluting the tanks and tankers in appreciation and respect for their significant contributions to the victory in Europe.  Also included are two of his notable quotes: "An Army is a Team.  It eats, sleeps, and fights as a Team." and "The soldier is the Army."

Patton pistol left side

The grips on this deluxe tribute pistol are specially crafted of faux ivory, and adorned with the distinctive GSP monogram seen on General Patton's favorite pistols.  As a final touch, grip screws, slide stop, hammer, safety lock and magazine  catch are all hand-polished and finished with 24-karat gold.

On the top of the slide are inscribed the campaigns with which General Patton's name will forever be associated, followed by his signature

Each General George S. Patton, Jr. Tribute .45 is accompanied by an elegant, luxuriously lined display case with a special brass plaque.

Patton pistol case

Make:  Colt® Government Model® Pistol
Caliber:  .45 ACP
Barrel Length:  5"
Grips:  Faux Ivory
Edition Limit:  500
Decoration:  Each Tribute pistol is decorated by craftsmen specifically commissioned by America Remembers.

For more photos and information about this truly collectible pistol, and for ordering information, click here.


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