John Wayne stood larger than life on the silver screen, and just as tall in real life. During his long career, he appeared in more than 150 films, and audiences around the world recognized him as the one man who best represented the patriotic spirit of America.

john wayne under attack painging

To honor America’s favorite Western movie star, America Remembers selected the classic Model ‘73 rifle, arguably America’s most famous Western rifle. Often called “the rifle that won the West,” the Model ‘73 has been admired for decades as an engineering landmark, representing light-weight utility and long-ranged power. The rugged lever action proved simple to operate and offered quick and plentiful firepower. Since its days of action on the Western frontier, the Model ‘73 has become a classic – widely desired and highly collectible. Each John Wayne® Tribute Rifle is a handsome working recreation of the immortal Winchester Model 1873 rifle produced for us by the master craftsmen of A. Uberti, the world’s premier maker of historical firearms recreations.

Every metal surface of the John Wayne® Tribute Rifle is finished in a mirror-polished, lustrous deep blue by craftsmen commissioned for this project by America Remembers. The receiver features artwork in 24-karat gold and scrollwork in the  tradition of the finest presentation firearms.

right side view

Left side of the barrel features John Wayne’s signature, and inset into the stock is a 24-karat gold-plated medallion with John Wayne’s portrait. The handsome walnut stocks are checkered and finished to a high gloss, and the hammer and trigger are polished and decorated in 24-karat gold.

The right side of the receiver features a scene familiar to every fan of Western classics. In it, John Wayne leads the U.S. Cavalry through the buttes and dry gullies of desolate Monument Valley. Above the scene flies a banner that reads “John Wayne.”

John Wayne rifle right side closeup

Left side of the receiver features John Wayne as a wagon train scout, leading settlers and a cavalry escort through Apache territory. This scene was taken from the painting, “Under Attack,” by famed Western artist Frank McCarthy. And if you look closely, you will see a rifle in John Wayne’s right hand! Handsome scrollwork in the tradition of the finest firearms frames the artwork, with all artwork being featured in stunning 24-karat gold.

closeup of receiver on John Wayne rifle

Only 3500 John Wayne® Tribute Rifles have been authorized for this edition and demand is expected to be very strong.  Reservations will be accepted in the order they are received. America Remembers will arrange delivery of your working Tribute through a licensed dealer of your choice. If for any reason you are less than satisfied, you may return the Tribute in original unfired condition within 30 days for a complete and courteous refund. Act today to secure your own Tribute before the edition closes.

John Wayne medallion

Model:  Model 1873 Rifle (Uberti)
Barrel Length:  19"
Caliber:  .45LC
Edition Limit:  3500
Decoration: Each Tribute rifle is decorated by craftsmen specifically commissioned by America Remembers.

For more photos and information about this truly collectible firearm, and for ordering information, click here.


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