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Think of classic firearms of the Old West, and there is one revolver which comes instantly to mind – the Colt Single Action Army Revolver. Arguably the world’s most famous revolver, the Colt Single Action Army carries with it all the romance and adventure of the Old West.

It’s impossible to hold the revolver in your hand and not conjure the images of those who wielded it before you. The weapon often called “the Peacemaker®” was the handgun of choice for celebrated figures like Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, Buffalo Bill Cody and Cavalry troopers of the Old West. It was just as popular with notorious outlaws like Jesse James, the Daltons, Billy the Kid and Black Jack Ketchum.

The introduction of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver was a milestone event in American history. Now, America Remembers proudly presents the “Colt Legends in Steel Tribute Revolver,” a handsomely decorated working firearm in caliber .45 LC which has been officially licensed and approved by Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC.

Only 250 of the Colt Legends in Steel Tribute Revolver will ever be produced. We will arrange delivery of your working revolver through the licensed firearms dealer of your choice. If for any reason you are not completely delighted with this Tribute, simply return it to us in its original unfired condition within 30 days for a complete and courteous refund.

This is your opportunity to own a firearm which became so famous, so legendary, it earned the title of the “Peacemaker”, “the gun that won the West™”, and “the great equalizer.”

This Tribute is elegantly decorated in the style of the finest presentation models produced by Samuel Colt and his legendary company. The Tribute will be a handsome edition to any collection of fine firearms. You will certainly admire this exquisite piece of American firearms history for years to come, always reliving the exciting and daring days of adventure on the Western frontier, the days when the greatest legends of the frontier carried this trusty revolver to protect themselves from the desperadoes and other dangers that were always a threat on the frontier.

The centerpiece of the Colt Legends in Steel Tribute is the intricately decorated cylinder. Six detailed images, unique to the Colt legacy, are framed by elegant scrollwork. In addition to two depictions of the familiar stylized Rampant Colt logo, the cylinder features

• Samuel Colt as a young sailor of 16, carving the block of oak that would make firearms history.
 • Colt’s ancestral “Armsmear® Crest” the source of the Rampant Colt adopted by Samuel Colt for his Company’s logo. The crest carries the Latin motto, vincit qui patitur, “He who perseveres is victorious,” a motto which aptly sums up Colt’s life and the history of the company he founded.
 • The extravagant Colonel Colt topped his Hartford Armory with an enormous Byzantine-inspired blue onion dome sprinkled with more than 80 gold stars. A gilded zinc Rampant Colt stands atop the dome which crowns the armory.
 • A portrait of Samuel Colt made from a photograph taken by celebrated Civil War photographer Matthew Brady, a few years before Colt’s death.

The backstrap is decorated with ornate scrollwork and the legend “Peacemaker.” Also featured is an artistic rendition of the fabled Charter Oak

The frame features the legendary Rampant Colt. Through the years it has been a consistent symbol on Colt firearms and in virtually every aspect of Samuel Colt’s life. The recoil shield features a rendition of Tex and his horse Patches. Originally painted for a memorable advertising campaign, the image portrays a sheriff, high in the saddle with a Colt in his holster.

The barrel and cylinder are polished and blued. The artwork depicting the heritage of the Colt Company and the life of Samuel Colt is richly portrayed in 24-karat gold.

Each revolver is fitted with classic walnut grips with the Rampant Colt medallion.

Each Colt Legends in Steel Tribute is decorated by craftsmen specifically commissioned by America Remembers with artwork honoring Samuel Colt and the legendary company that bears his name.

Included with your Tribute is a handsome case to protect and display your Colt Legends in Steel Tribute Revolver.

Make/Model:  Single Action Army® Revolver
Caliber:  .45 LC
Barrel Length:  5 1/2"
Grips:  Walnut
Edition Limit:  250
Decoration: Each Tribute pistol is decorated by craftsmen specifically commissioned by America Remembers.

For more photos and information about this truly collectible revolver, and for ordering information, click here.


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