Honoring the 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States with the Artwork of an American Master

Kunstler Henry Right on Flags

One hundred and fifty years ago, our nation was torn by war. Four years of conflict forced state against state, neighbor against neighbor, and brother against brother. By the end of the Civil War, our once peaceful American landscape would be shattered, but even though the War Between the States tore us apart, it helped put us back together stronger than ever, creating a true United States of America.

And more than a century after it had ended, one man would recapture it all ­ Mort Künstler.

Mort Künstler is a critically-acclaimed artist who has become a master at bringing scenes from American history to life. Looking at his paintings, you can almost hear the thunder of rifles and the clash of swords. You can almost smell the cannon smoke and the burning grass on the battlefield. Künstler’s brush can simultaneously reveal the fear on a soldier’s face and the courage in his heart. Almost singlehandedly over the last three decades, he has changed how we see the Civil War. His talent and passion keeps the heroes of American history alive, ensuring that they will never be forgotten.

As our nation marks the 150th anniversary of an era that reshaped the country, America Remembers announces the Mort Künstler Civil War Sesquicentennial Tribute Rifle, issued exclusively by America Remembers.

Our partnership with Mr. Künstler has produced some of our most popular presentation firearms. For this Tribute we’ve immortalized a collection of Künstler’s most unforgettable images and translated them into lustrous 24-karat gold artwork on a brushed nickel canvas. Craftsmen commissioned specifically for this project by America Remembers decorate each working Henry rifle, one of the most trusted long guns of the war, in sparkling 24-karat gold and brushed nickel artwork with a blackened patinaed background to highlight the details of the artwork.

The Legendary Henry Rifle

When it came time to select a firearm for our remarkable Civil War Sesquicentennial collaboration with Mort Künstler, the choice was clear – it had to be a Henry.

The Henry is considered by many as the most technologically advanced rifle of the Civil War. The classic, lever-action firearm was highly coveted by soldiers on both sides of the conflict, and remains a favorite of collectors today. The celebrated rifle also provides the perfect canvas for Mort Künstler’s dramatic vignettes, each carefully selected from his vast library of Civil War paintings.

Each Tribute is a meticulously-detailed working recreation of the Henry rifle in caliber .44-40, crafted by the incomparable artisans of A. Uberti. For decades, their craftsmen have combined modern high-grade materials with the time-honored methods of finishing to create exquisite, working reproductions of history’s greatest firearms.

Only 300 Available

Only 300 Tributes will be issued in this strictly limited-edition, available exclusively through America Remembers. Do not hesitate to secure your Tribute today. Reservations will be accepted in the order they are received. Delivery will be arranged through a licensed firearms dealer of your choice. And, as always, if you are not satisfied with your Tribute after personal inspection, you can return it unfired within 30 days for a full refund.

It’s been a century and a half since the last gunshots of the Civil War echoed across the countryside, but the epic conflicts and battlefield heroes from the era continue to captivate us. It was a struggle that made our nation stronger.

The blued 24” octagonal barrel is beautifully complemented by hand-polished American walnut stocks, featuring Künstler’s own stylish, laser-carved signature, and stunning decorations throughout in 24-karat gold.

Kunstler Henry Left CU

Left side features a recreation of the painting, “On to Richmond: Grant in the Wilderness ­ May 7, 1864.” The scene captures an important turning point for General Grant and his men. After two days of harsh fighting, Grant rejects the idea of retreat and leads his troops on to Richmond. Featured in the center, framed in a decorative oval, is a depiction of “The Angle: Gettysburg, July 3, 1863.” Here Künstler captures the energy and drama of Pickett’s Charge, depicting the bloody clash of Union and Confederate forces. Also on the left is a Künstler portrait of Abraham Lincoln, perfectly capturing the resolve of the man who steered our country through its most tumultuous time.

The Angle - Mort Kunstler

Kunstler Henry Right CU

Right side features a reverent portrait of General Robert E. Lee. Portrayed many times in the paintings of Künstler, the celebrated leader of the Confederate forces has proved to be a favorite subject of the artist. Featured in the center is a recreation of, “With a Rebel Yell ­ Second Manassas, August 29, 1862.” Lee took a risk in leading his Army of Northern Virginia against General Pope’s men near Manassas. The Southerners charged the North in a brazen, head-on strike with “a wild Confederate yell,” leading to one of Lee’s greatest victories. Also featured is “A Model Partnership ­ Winter of 1863.” The scene depicts Jackson and Lee front and center atop their horses.

CW-264-With a Rebel Yell

The Tribute rifle is issued under license from Künstler Enterprises, Ltd. ©2013 Mort Künstler, Inc.

For more photos and information about this truly collectible rifle, and for ordering information, click here.


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