An Officially Licensed Colt® Pistol

Featuring individual hand-engraving in the tradition of classic Samuel Colt presentation firearms.

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Honoring the Legacy and Legend of Colt Firearms

The Colt Legend Lives On…

Samuel Colt was a man of ideas. America in the 19th century was a country full of men with ideas. What set Samuel Colt apart was his vision. His ambition. His drive to excel. He dreamed big and he knew what it took to get things done. As a young man, he tinkered with the notion of combining “six pistols into one.” To many, it seemed like an impossible idea that would never work, but the doubters only challenged Samuel Colt to work harder. You could say that his invention of the first practical percussion cap revolver was just another step in the evolution of firearms. However, if you asked any man who carried one, he would have called it a miraculous design.

Samuel Colt’s inventions revolutionized the firearms industry, and they also played an important role in America’s history. The legacy that Samuel Colt established ­ first with the founding in 1836 of the Patent Arms Manufacturing Company in Paterson, New Jersey and later with the company that carries his name and operates today as Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC ­ is much more than a triumph of American enterprise. It’s the story of a remarkable man whose impact on the United States of America is hard to measure. America has counted on Samuel Colt’s firearms for more than 175 years. During our young nation’s westward expansion, Colt revolvers were relied on by the settlers and explorers who moved westward. They helped create shooting legends like Doc Holliday, Buffalo Bill, Wild Bill Hickok, and Wyatt Earp. In the hands of America’s Armed Forces, Colt pistols were relied on during both World Wars and later served valiantly in every major conflict of the 20th century. In the hands of law officers, they protected the peace every day.

Today, America Remembers salutes the legacy and legend of Samuel Colt and Colt’s Manufacturing Company with a handsome limited edition Colt .45 pistol ­ the Rampant Colt® Tribute Pistol. Each Rampant Colt Tribute Pistol is Officially Licensed by Colt and features a dramatic hand-engraved Rampant Colt highlighted in 24-karat gold with a silver spear. The Tribute also features Samuel Colt’s distinctive signature on the right side of the slide. With a limited edition of 500 Tributes, demand is expected to be strong. Skilled craftsmen commissioned specifically for this project by America Remembers engrave and decorate each working Colt .45 pistol with incredible detail. The classic Colt® Government Model® Pistol provides a perfect canvas for the striking hand-engraved and etched artwork elegantly highlighted in 24-karat gold and silver. The stunning centerpiece of the Tribute is a rendering of the iconic Rampant Colt, the longtime symbol of the integrity and strength of Colt.

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The Legend of the Rampant Colt

In the days of the Old West, every settler, lawman or cowboy worth his salt had two horses: the one they rode on, and the one stamped on their revolver. The Rampant Colt is one of America’s oldest company symbols. Back in the late 1800’s, the Rampant Colt stood for strength, quality, and reliability. Ask firearms enthusiasts today, and you’ll hear the exact same thing. One of the world’s best known and most respected trademarks traces back to 16th-century England. The ever-resourceful Samuel Colt adopted and modified the majestic horse from his ancestral crest for his company’s logo. The choice of a colt to represent the name “Colt” may seem like an obvious choice, but the significance goes beyond the name. In ancient heraldry, the colt symbolizes readiness of service for king and country. The spear signifies knightly service and devotion to the high principles of knighthood and the presence of a broken spear represents a warrior slain in battle.

The Rampant Colt carries a broken spear, which means that the warhorse is continuing the fight for its fallen rider. The powerful images of the horse reared back with half of a broken spear clenched in its jaws and the other on its front legs is a fitting symbol for Colt, especially considering the indomitable, industrial spirit of Samuel Colt and the reputation of his firearms as “unstoppable.” Even after his death, the passion he left behind continued to drive the company he founded. This tradition of excellence continues to this day.

The Classic Colt .45 Pistol
A Legendary American Firearm & Trusted Combat Veteran

There is no better canvas for the Rampant Colt Tribute than the Colt® Government Model® .45 pistol. It is an American-made firearm legend that defended our liberty for almost 75 years through major world wars and history-making conflicts. No firearm in history can boast a more impressive record of American military service than the Colt .45 military service pistol. The powerful Colt .45 was designated as America’s official sidearm for our country’s Armed Forces in 1911. More than a century later, it is still considered by generations of American Veterans to be the best and most powerful military sidearm ever issued.

The Colt .45 pistol personifies the generations of Americans who served with it: fearless, dependable, and effective. With its flat slide and virtually indestructible design, the pistol is a masterpiece of simplicity and function. On its own, the pistol is a spectacular example of the gunsmith’s art from a legendary American company. When combined with the hand-engraved and custom etched artwork featuring the Rampant Colt, this finely crafted firearm becomes an exceptional work of art, a presentation firearm Samuel Colt would have admired.

The design for the Rampant Colt Tribute is directly inspired by the work of the old masters active during the “Golden Age of Firearms Engraving” in the late 1800’s. The hand-engraved and etched artwork on the slide and frame feature traditional vines and scrolls with 24-karat gold and silver highlights. You can find similar designs on pieces that were crafted exclusively for Colt’s wealthiest customers. The grip screws and safety lock are polished and clad in lustrous 24-karat gold. The pistol features a distinctive three-hole trigger. Drilled to reduce weight, some shooters feel the three-hole trigger helps ensure correct finger placement and improve accuracy.

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On the right side, you’ll find the familiar signature of Samuel Colt selectively plated in lustrous 24-karat gold like a gleaming stamp of approval. We’ve made every effort to design a presentation pistol that would make Samuel Colt proud.

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On the left side of the pistol, you’ll find an extraordinary representation of the Rampant Colt, hand-engraved with remarkable detail and highlighted in 24-karat gold and silver. The talented firearms engravers bring every line to life in this spectacular Rampant Colt. The iconic Colt seems to come alive as it grips the silver-plated spear and charges into the wind with a fiery gold mane streaming behind.

In addition to the stunning 24-karat gold artwork on the blued steel slide, the grips for this exclusive Tribute are crafted of walnut and feature “double diamond” pattern details that frame the legendary Rampant Colt at the center of each grip.

Display Case Available

An optional, high quality, wooden display case is also available. The locking glass lid protects against dust and unauthorized handling. The glass lid locks with a brass key, and the case liner is custom-contoured to hold your Tribute in place.

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Exclusive Hand-Engraved Masterpiece

The Rampant Colt Tribute certainly ranks as one of the finest Tributes ever issued by America Remembers. Since the Rampant Colt artwork on each pistol is individually engraved by hand, please keep in mind that no two firearms will be identical. Each will bear the distinct marks of an artist. Our ultimate goal was to create a presentation firearm that would make Samuel Colt proud. That meant revisiting the traditions of old world artisans and relying on trained engravers to cut the artwork into the metal.

Only 500 of the Rampant Colt Tribute Pistols have been authorized for this edition. Each Tribute is Officially Licensed by Colt’s Manufacturing Company LLC. Don’t miss your opportunity to own a piece of history. Samuel Colt was a visionary genius and today his name continues to be stamped on some of the world’s most respected firearms. For firearms enthusiasts, fans of military history and proud Americans, the name Colt stands alone. Colt is part of the American story and the driving force behind some of the most influential  handguns in history. Thanks to the extraordinary Rampant Colt Tribute Pistol, that tradition of excellence will live on.

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