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In war, Combining the Thompson’s Awesome Firepower with the Courage of the American Soldier danger waits around every corner. Everyone who serves depends on his training, his comrades and most of all the firearms he carries for protection and ultimate victory. Throughout history, a handful of weapons have changed the course of war, and the Thompson was one of those monumental weapons. In every theater of the Second World War, the Thompson became a legend on the battlefield. Its unmistakable profile struck fear in the hearts of the enemy, and equally as feared was the submachine gun’s unmistakable sound.

Today, America Remembers is extremely proud to offer a stunning new Tribute in honor of the brave American warriors who secured victory in World War II, often with the help of their trusty Thompsons: The World War II Tribute Thompson. Each Tribute is a working Thompson Semi- Automatic submachine gun in caliber .45 ACP made in America by the gunsmiths of the Thompson Auto-Ordnance Corporation.

Craftsmen commissioned specifically for this project by America Remembers decorate each working Thompson in sparkling 24-karat gold and nickel with a blackened patinaed background to highlight the details of the artwork. In magnificent detail, the World War II Tribute Thompson is truly a museum-quality masterpiece, boldly capturing the fighting spirit of the American soldier in World War II.

The Tommy Gun Goes to War

John T. Thompson developed the Thompson submachine gun in 1919. The retired Army general wanted to design a weapon that could be used as an automatic “trench-broom” to sweep enemy trenches.

Once the Nazis unleashed war in Europe in 1939, Allied countries were desperate for available firearms. The British snatched up the Thompson, which at the time was the only submachine gun ready for delivery.

In battle, it was an effective and reliable automatic weapon, proving to be particularly effective in close-quarter combat, street fights and even from the air. More than one million Thompsons were made between 1941 and 1945. Fighting men used them in every theater of the war - from the frozen terrain of Europe to the harsh island campaigns of the Pacific. And it was during the Second World War that the Tommy gun earned the ultimate respect of our fighting men, which has made it one of the most celebrated military firearms in history.

Only 300 Available

Only 300 World War II Tribute Thompsons will be issued in this strictly limited edition. Do not hesitate to become one of the fortunate owners of this historic, museum-quality masterpiece.

Reservations will be accepted in the order they are received. We will arrange delivery of your working Thompson through a licensed firearms dealer of your choice. You do not need a special submachine gun license to own it. Anyone who can own a standard hunting rifle can own this, in most communities. And if you are not completely satisfied with your Tribute after personal inspection, you may return it to us in original, unfired condition within thirty days for a complete and courteous refund.

Since the 1920s, the unmistakable profile of the Thompson has evoked a sense of respect and awe. And that sense grows ever more powerful when connected to the men who gave everything in World War II. By acquiring your own World War II Tribute Thompson today you will help to ensure the memory of these brave ones and the sacrifices they made in the name of freedom will not be forgotten.

Right side of the receiver features Marines sweeping across Okinawa, routing the last of the Japanese forces. On the right corner of the scene, a Marine lays down a hail of cover fire from his Tommy gun. Also featured on the right is a battle-ready American Soldier brandishing his Thompson. On each side of the receiver is the American flag, waving proudly in the wind.

Left side of the receiver features a combat-ready Soldier brandishing his mighty Thompson. The iconic image of an American infantryman and his legendary Tommy gun became a rallying symbol for the Allied cause. Also featured is an incredibly detailed scene of an infantry regiment advancing through the battle-scarred remains of a town under the protection of a heavy tank. Leading the charge, as was the protocol, is the man behind the Thompson.

The Tribute is highly-polished, blued steel, decorated with 24-karat gold plating and featuring all artwork in sparkling 24-karat gold and nickel. Complementing the gold are the Tribute’s richly polished walnut stocks.

Underneath the trigger guard you’ll find a proud American Soldier with his Thompson at the ready standing in front of Old Glory.

For more photos and information about this truly collectible firearm, and for ordering information, click here.


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