You no longer have to be a wealthy gun enthusiast to own an elaborately engraved firearm. It is with great pride that Henry Repeating Arms presents the new Henry Golden Boy Deluxe. We selected the Henry Golden Boy .22 as the canvas for the application of fine hand engraving which elevates an already beautiful rifle into a work of art. The result represents the true marriage of state-of-the-art gunsmithing with the centuries old craft of engraving.

The tradition of engraving dates back to the middle 1850’s when craftsmen – especially from Germany – were engaged by arms manufacturers to create one of a kind design motifs etched into the surfaces of their guns. The impetus for engraving guns was the practice of giving presentation arms as gifts. During and after the Civil War, it was the custom to bestow a specially prepared firearm to civic and military leaders, or to a valued business associate or loved family member. The great masters who are credited with the distinctly American style of engraving include Gustave Jung, Conrad Ulrich and Louis D. Nimschke.

Henry's craftsmen sought inspiration from the highly acclaimed work of Louis D. Nimschke who practiced the engraver’s art in New York City. Nimschke was famous for his elaborate and classically executed vine scrollwork. The intricate swirling patterns are deeply etched into all surfaces of the Henry Golden Boy’s glowing receiver. They complement the rich, warm tones of the American walnut stock and forearm. The visual effect is tasteful, distinctive and can only be described as emanating the refined elegance of an era gone by.

An oval shape on both sides of the receiver has been left blank so you may have your Golden Boy Deluxe personally inscribed with any name you wish. A Golden Boy Deluxe is a unique gift for birthdays, graduations, promotions, retirements, Father’s Day and holidays. Any sportsman or gun collector who receives one will treasure it forever.


Golden Boy Deluxe Engraved
Model: H004D
Action Type:
Lever action repeater
Caliber: .22 LR
Capacity: 16 rounds .22 LR
Barrel Length: 20''
Length: 38 1/2'' Overall
Weight: 6.75 lbs.
Stock: American Walnut
Sights: Adjustable buckhorn rear, beaded front
Finish: Hand engraved Brasslite receiver, brass buttplate & blued barrel and lever

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