When Henry Repeating Arms heard that famed ammunition manufacturer Hornady was going to produce the .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire cartridge, they knew it was time to make a new addition to their current family of popular .22 rifles. Henry Repeating Arms is proud to present its new Henry Varmint Express .17 HMR Lever Action Rifle.

Shooting a .17 caliber bullet from a necked-down .22 Magnum case, the .17 HMR cartridge spits out a sleek little 17 grain bullet at 2,550 feet per second – faster than any existing rimfire. The red-tipped bullet delivers a flatter trajectory. Not only will it more successfully defy wind and gravity, this little speedster will deliver tighter clusters on target.

The Henry Varmint Express packs eleven .17 HMR rounds in its tubular magazine. It features a 20'' barrel, comes with a cantilever scope mount and checkered American walnut Monte Carlo stock. Like all lever action Henrys, the action is incredibly smooth from the very first shot. It will enable small game and varmint hunters to take full advantage of the .17 HMR with regard to velocity, trajectory, wind drift, richochet resistance, quietness and accuracy.

The Henry Varmint Express is a great choice for squirrels, prairie dogs, crows, rabbits and even fox or weasels. For the ultimate varmint hunting experience with a traditional firearm, ask your local dealer about the Henry Varmint Express today.


Model: H001V
Action Type: Lever
Caliber: .17 HMR
Capacity: 11 rounds
Barrel Length: 20"
Length: 37 1/2'' Overall
Weight: 5.75 lbs.
Stock: Checkered American walnut
Sights: Scope mount included
Finish: Blued barrel & lever

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