Kimber Desert Warrior

Wearing the new KimPro™ Dark Earth (desert tan) finish, the Desert Warrior™ is one of Kimber's most striking pistols. The finish, combined with the lighter tan of the new G10 Tactical Grips grabbed more attention than any other Kimber at a recent national show.

Other than finish, the Desert Warrior is similar to the new Warrior™ (the Warrior has the more traditional matte black aKimPro). Both are full-size pistols with Kimber's integral Tactical Rail for flashlight mounting. Unique in the Kimber® line, Warriors have traditional 1911 features like short guide rods for easy field stripping, internal extractors, and both do not incorporate the Kimber Series II trigger system.

Unique Warrior features include lanyard loop, ambidextrous thumb safety, Tritium night sights, bumped and grooved beavertail grip safety and bumper pad on the magazine. Edges are slightly rounded with the new Service Melt treatment, similar to but less aggressive than the Carry Melt treatment.

Based on the pistol created for the elite Marine Detachment assigned to U.S. Special Operations Command, the Desert Warrior is an ideal for personal defense as well as action shooting competition.

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