Kimber Eclipse Target II

Introduced in 2002, the Kimber Eclipse Target has quickly grown to become one of the most popular models in the Kimber line. (View the Eclipse video at the bottom of this page).

Kimber Eclipse slides and frames are made from stainless steel. They are finished in durable matte black oxide, then all flat surfaces are brush-polished. This leaves inset and curved surfaces matte black, resulting in a look that sets them apart from other 1911 pistols. To further complement the look, Kimber Eclipse models are fitted with black small parts and a set of gray/black laminated grips checkered in the classic double diamond pattern.

While it's tempting to keep the Kimber Eclipse as a "safe queen," they're made to shoot. Beyond all the match grade features found on every Kimber, each Eclipse has a 30 LPI checkered front strap for a more secure grip, a Premium Aluminum Trigger and Meprolight Tritium night sights – all from the Custom Shop.

The Eclipse Target II comes with a five-inch barrel with a barrel bushing, and adjustable bar/dot night sights. It is available in .45 ACP.

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Watch The Eclipse Target Video:



Eclipse Video Transcript:

(Overall view of Eclipse pistol). The Eclipse Target is one of the most attractive pistols in the Kimber line. The frame and the slide are stainless steel. Both are blued, and then the flat surfaces of the frame and slide are polished, until there's just a hint of the bluing left. So, depending upon how the light hits the flat surfaces, they may look silver, light gray, or even dark gray. It's a very unusual effect, and very appealing.

The Eclipse has carbon fiber grips with light and dark striping that go well with the overall monochromatic look of the pistol.

(Close up view of the carbon fiber grips). The carbon fiber grips are sharply checkered, probably more sharply checkered than the rosewood grips used on other Kimber pistols. It may seem a little uncomfortable at first, but you get used to it after a bit.

(Close up view of the checkered front strap). The front strap of the pistol is also sharply checkered. Unlike some other pistols, this isn't a checkered plastic insert. It's actually the metal on the grip itself that's been checkered. Between the sharp checkering on the front strap and on the carbon fiber grips, you've got a hold on the gun that's not going to slip around in your hand.

(Close up view of the top of the rear sight). The rear sight is dovetail-mounted into the slide, so it's not going to move around on you at all. It has crisp micrometer adjustments that are repeatable, so you'll be able to return to your zero every time.

(Close up view of the rear sight notch). The rear sight notch is just wide enough to give you a little bit of air to the left and right of the front sight post, so you can accurately align the sights. Below the sight notch is a white tritium bar that glows in the dark, and the front sight post has a white tritium dot. Both of these aid in night shooting.

(Close up view of the left side safety). One disadvantage to the darkened stainless finish is that any scratches are going to go through to the bright stainless underneath, and probably won't be able to be repaired.

Here we had some piece of debris get under the thumb safety and, as the thumb safety was moved up and down, that debris scratched through the darkened finish to the stainless steel underneath. There's really no way to repair that, since if you polish out the scratch, you're polishing through to the bright stainless underneath, so you just have to live with it.

(Overall view of the Eclipse again). In addition to the features mentioned, the Eclipse has a match grade target barrel, a match trigger, and other features that make it truly an exceptional target pistol. The Eclipse has been in the Kimber line for about ten years now, and it's still one of the most popular models they have.

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