The general idea of converting early 1911 pistols to shoot .22 LR revolved around training. Rimfire ammo was inexpensive and recoil was light. Back then the .45 ACP was a handful of gun and getting new pistol shooters rimfire “trigger time” helped them gain experience and sidestep bad habits.

Even today, Kimber gets more requests for a rimfire than any other version of a 1911. Some want one for practice, some for economy and others because they are so much fun to shoot.

Kimber Rimfire Target Matte Pistols are one of four different versions of the full size Custom. Even though aluminum frames and slides dramatically reduce their weight, recoil is light. The Matte model features adjustable sights and a matte black finish. A ten round magazine is standard.

A conversion kit is great for the same reasons, maybe even better because it can be quickly installed on just about any brand of 1911 pistol. Installation is as easy as field stripping a pistol for cleaning, and changing between centerfire and rimfire takes about one minute. No modifications are necessary and Kimber Conversion Kits do not require changing mainsprings – keeping things simple.

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