With 7-round flush fitting magazines riding in their shortened frames, Kimber Ultra Carry pistols carry more rounds and have more power than almost any revolver. A dual-captured low effort recoil spring design keeps manual slide operation smooth. It also dampens recoil enough that these pistols are easier to control and shoot than a revolver. Safety? The 1911 has proven its safety through generations of use, and the new Kimber Unique design features contribute to both dependability and accuracy. The ejection port is beveled front and rear to give adequate clearance to ejecting brass, avoiding the jams common to other brands of small semi-automatics. The Firing Pin Safety that is part of every pistol makes them even more secure without impeding performance or altering trigger pull.

Kimber Ultra Carry pistols bring a new, higher level of confidence to concealed carry. Light, powerful and dependable, there is no better choice.

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Looking for a laser for your Kimber? Check out the Crimson Trace laser grips we have for all models of Kimber pistols.


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