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Big Game Hunters Guide To Colorado, by John Axelson

Big Game Hunter's Guide To Idaho, by Ron Spomer

Big Game Hunter's Guide To Montana, by Ron Spomer

Elk And Elk Hunting, by Wayne Van Zwoll

Elk: Strategies For The Hunter, by Durwood Hollis

Field And Stream: The World Of Big Game Hunting, by Field And Stream

Hunting Big Game In North America, by Outdoor Life

Hunting North American Big Game, by Durwood Hollis

Hunting The Dangerous Game Of Africa, by John Kingsley-Heath

Pronghorn Hunting, by Don Oster and Toby Bridges

Shots At Big Game, by Craig Boddington

The Ultimate Guide To Elk Hunting, by Bob Robb and Gary Bethge

Treestand Hunting Strategies: A Complete Guide To Hunting Big Game From Above, by Gary Clancy

Trophies Of The Heart, by Russel Thornberry

Use Enough Gun: On Hunting Big Game, by Robert Ruark


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