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Colt: An American Legend, by R.L. Wilson

Colt Single Action Army Revolvers--US Alterations, by C. Kenneth Moore

German Handguns: The Complete Book Of The Pistols And Revolvers Of Germany, 1869 To Present, by Ian V. Hogg

Guns Of The Old West: An Illustrated Guide, by Charles Edward Chapel

History Of Winchester Firearms, by Dean K. Boorman

The Government Models: The Development Of The Colt Model 1911, by William H.D. Goddard

The Guns That Won The West, by John Walter

The History Of Colt Firearms, by Dean K. Boorman

The History Of Smith And Wesson Firearms, by Dean K. Boorman

The Luger Story: The Standard History Of The World's Most Famous Handgun, by John Walter

The Shotgun: History And Development, by Geoffrey Boothroyd

The Walther Handgun Story: A Collector's And Shooter's Guide, by Gene Gangarosa, Jr.

Winchester Bolt Action Military And Sporting Rifles, 1877 to 1937, by Herbert G. Houze


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