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AR15/M16: A Practical Guide, by Duncan Long

Allied Infantry Weapons Of World War Two, by Terry Gander

Black Magic: The Ultra-Accurate AR15, by John Feamster

Complete AR15/M16 Sourcebook: What Every Shooter Needs To Know, by Duncan Long

CQB, Assault Rifle And Sniper Technology, by Kokalis, Parker and Paulson

Fighting Submachine Gun, Machine Pistol And Shotgun: A Hands-On Evaluation, by Timothy J. Mullins

German Assault Rifle 1935-1945, by Peter Senich

German Automatic Weapons Of World War II, by Robert Bruce

Germany's Infantry Weapons 1939-45, by Terry Gander

Heckler And Koch's MP5 Submachine Gun, by Frank W. James

Modern Machine Guns, by John Walter

Modern Military Rifles, by John Walter

Submachine Guns, by Ian V. Hogg

Terrifying Three: Uzi, Ingram and Intratec Arms Families, by Duncan Long

The MP40 Machine Gun, by Mike Ingram

The SKS Carbine, by Steve Kehaya and Joe Poyer

The Vital Guide To Combat Guns And Infantry Weapons, by Chris Bishop


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