The Evolution of a Winner . 
After years helping countless competitive shooters to the victory stand, the Beretta 682 Gold have been revamped and re-designed to make them the most sought after competition over-and-unders available. The new 682 Gold E’s strong, low profile receiver has an exclusive dual color finish. Together with the modern ellipsis graphic motif, the contrast between the glossy, matte and gold parts ensures an extraordinary beauty. Beretta’s electroless nickel finish provides added protection against the elements.

Optima-Bore® – Optima-Choke®. 
Some models of the new 682 Gold E feature the Optima-Bore® barrel profile that reduces felt recoil and improves shot distribution. The new long and thin Optima-Choke® choke tubes, also available in the extra long version, ensure consistent shot distribution year after year. Top and side ribs are ventilated to dissipate heat as well as improve pointability and target acquisition. They differ from model to model. Barrels are chrome lined internally and have a deep blued finish.

Adjustable Stock with Memory System .
Stocks are matched to each individual shooting discipline. Wood density is selected for strength, and wood grain is carefully laid out to avoid weak areas. Some 682 Gold E models feature a fully adjustable stock. This ensures a perfect fit by allowing shooters to adjust for comb height and for cast-on, cast-off. The adjusting mechanism features a patented locking system so settings remain secure and unchanged. An indicator scale provides for quick, easy calibration.

Details that make a difference
Triggers on all 682 E’s are adjustable for length of pull fit to three positions to better fit the gun to shooter’s hand and shooting style. Two trigger shoes are supplied: one with a canted surface for right-or left-handed shooters and one with a wide, symmetrical face.

Trigger pull is precise and lock times assured through the use of powerful core springs and sturdy alloy firing pins. Exceptional durability is ensured by self-adjusting , dual conical locking lugs, replaceable hinge pins and barrel shoulders, hard chrome-lined barrels and chambers, and obviously thanks to the quality of raw materials, the precision of machining and the perfection of heat and surface treatment. A newly designed ABS hard case, featuring the exclusive double handle, is included.

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