product photo of Beretta 9000S pistol

The Beretta 9000S is a state-of-the-art compact carry pistol. Light in weight, compact in size, and chambered for 9 mm and .40 S&W, the 9000S makes for an ideal carry pistol.

The 9000S has a unique magazine floo rplate design, with two positions. The floor plate can be extended, giving you a rest for your little finger, or it can be kept retracted for a more compact package.

Just looking at this compact pistol, you'd find it hard to believe that it has a remarkable magazine capacity of 12 rounds of 9mm, or 10 rounds of .40 S&W.

The frame of the 9000S is made from a fiberglass refinforced polymer, and has two steel alloy rail inserts embedded in the frame, giving the frame a perfect alignment with the slide. The embedding of the steel rail inserts is radically different than the rails on other polymer-framed pistols.

The 9000S utilizes Beretta's patented locking system, with a tilting barrel and open slide. Beretta employs two lugs on the barrel that lock up with the slide when in the firing position. This simple design requires very few components, making it strong and reliable.

As with every Beretta pistol, the 9000S has also been designed with looks in mind. The styling of the pistol is by Giugiaro Design, and is very distinctive.

The grips of the pistol are integrated into the grip frame. The grip area has rubber molded over it for a slip-free, comfortable hold on the gun no matter what the weather.

The 9000S is disassembled quickly for cleaning by use of a disassembly lever. When the barrel and slide are put back on the frame, the disassembly lever is locked into place to prevent the pistol from accidental disassembly.

All 9000S models feature an automatic firing pin block that prevents the gun from firing in case of inadvertent drops or strikes against hard surfaces. It is de-activated only when the trigger is pulled back. The manual external safety lever on the “F” models (not present on double-action-only “D” models) is frame mounted and can be activated when the hammer is fully armed or in half-cock position. This lever interrupts the trigger linkage and prevents the rotation of the sear.

This same lever also acts as a decocking mechanism, dropping the hammer to the half-cock position by simply rotating the lever past the safety position. From this position it is possible to fire the pistol in double-action (after disengaging the safety). The safety/decock lever is ambidextrous.

All 9000S models feature also a chamber-loaded indicator.

The new mechanical safety, situated in the lower part of the grip, prevents firing by blocking the hammer in the lowered position.

1)The distinctive Giugiaro design is both functional and attractive.
2)Light weight and compact for easy carry
3)Refinforced polymer frame for light weight
4)The barrel is sandblasted steel, with a chrome lining for corrosion resistance.
5)The locking system with the tilting barrel is a simple design with few parts, giving a direct barrel to slide engagement for maximum reliability and durability.
6)The slide is manufactured from steel alloy, sand-blasted, phosphated and Bruniton finished for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.
7)The pistol has a white 3-dot sight for quick target acquisition. Both the rear and front sights are dovetailed to the slide for windage adjustments and may be replaced.
8)An external hammer retains the traditional Beretta design with through-hole and gripping serrations.
9)Ergonomic Grip. Featuring a soft yet durable overmolded polymer, the grip absorbs vibrations and ensures positive pistol retention.
10)The 9000S magazines are interchangeable with the full length magazines of the 92 Series pistols with the use of a special polymer sleeve available as a special order.

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