Professional Perfection . 
Features, dimensions, weight, balance, point of impact...everything in Beretta's new competition over-and-under, the DT10 Trident, has been professionally studied and refined to meet and surpass the technical requirements of serious competition. The shape of the stock and fore-end were developed according to the requirements of the world's best shooters. The weights of all components ensure the best possible distribution of mass, the optimum balance and swing required in each sport. For unsurpassed performance the barrels are specific to each discipline, varying in thickness, in the upper rib design, in the side rib design and in the sighting plane.

Impeccable Construction . 
The DT10 guns are treated as Premium Grade shotguns at all phases of production. A focus on detail and the coupling of all components, primary (receiver, barrel, fore-end iron) and secondary (trigger group, top lever), makes each gun unique, giving the shooter an instrument that has been personally tested and perfected by the master gunsmiths of the world's oldest firearms manufacturer. 

Unsurpassed Performance . 
Four major developments set the Beretta DT10 Trident competition over-and-unders apart from all other competition shotguns: A new internal barrel configuration (Optima-Bore®). Available on some models, this considerably improves shot pattern distribution, felt recoil reduction and shot velocity optimization. The new Optima-Choke® competition choke-tubes. Longer and slimmer, with an internal profile formed to enhance the concentration and distribution of shot patterns. Specific point of impact. While the models for Olympic Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays have a common central point of impact, the models designed for American Trap are characterized by a high point of impact. Correct distribution of mass. This allows the gun to have a center of mass coaxial with the first (bottom) barrel, eliminating muzzle rise and affording faster target acquisition on the second shot. The DT10 Trident X-Trap Combo allows the shooter to maintain a steady, unaltered sighting plane and point of impact with both barrels.

Safety and Ergonomics . 
The initials "DT" in DT10 are an abbreviation of "Detachable Trigger", emphasizing the efficiency and simplicity of the new trigger group release system. Dismantling occurs in three distinct steps, and unlike rival products the detachment of the trigger group is possible only when the gun is safely broken open. The trigger position can be perfectly adjusted with the screwdriver provided. The innovative design of the top lever is based on the needs of the top shooters: the grip is made easier and the gun is simpler to use for left-handers. The safety was shaped to provide the best hold and smoothest working movement. Lightning-fast lock times and ultra-crisp trigger pull is ensured by “V” shaped mainsprings.

Lifelong Reliability 
To ensure the Trident's longevity and increase strength, Beretta has raised and thickened the sides of the receiver. The width and shape of the extractors allow shells to be consistently ejected in a timely and efficient manner. The fore-end iron contains a replaceable nut, treated for resistance, to guarantee the perfect barrel to fore-end iron fit, year in and year out. The DT10 Trident comes with a three-year extended warranty.

Functional and Durable .
The trap and skeet models have a black receiver, and the sporting clays models have a two-tone matte silver finish. The high-quality walnut stocks are oil-finished by hand. The pistol grip and the fore-end are hand- checkered to both ensure a solid grip and to complement the overall design of the gun. By fastening the fore-end iron with hidden screws the fore-end’s elegant practicality is given an additional technical advance. A sturdy carrying case, complete with accessories, is supplied.

Adjustable Stock with Memory System
Some DT10 Trident models feature a fully adjustable stock. This ensures a perfect fit by allowing shooters to adjust for comb height and for cast-on, cast-off. The adjusting mechanism features a patented locking system so settings remain secure and unchanged. An indicator scale provides for quick, easy calibration. 

DT10 Trident Trap. 
This model has a non-selective single trigger, an International-style stock with a rubber recoil pad, competition beavertail fore-end, special tapered rib and fluorescent or white front sights.

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