Expressly Different
Bringing a charging bull elephant to its knees or scoring a shoulder kill-shot on a Cape buffalo are the moments of truth that make big-game hunting such an adrenaline-raising experience. For dedicated hunters worldwide, a Beretta Express Rifle in the hand means a trophy on the wall. Beretta’s almost five centuries of gunmaking help create Express Rifles that deliver a potent combination of ultra-strong actions and carefully crafted barrels to comfortably handle today's powerful ballistics with remarkable accuracy. Express Rifles are not ordinary firearms. The extreme pressures generated by high-caliber express cartridges require an action and a locking system that have been manufactured with extra strength. Barrels, too, must be strong and perfectly rifled for ideal ballistic performance, joined with absolute precision to ensure optimum convergence. Drawing on the proven skills and experience of our master gunsmiths, Beretta has designed higher-strength actions than those used in traditional shotgun-framed express rifles.

Powerfully Precise
Based on the configurations of the famous SO over-and-unders, the SSO6 Express Rifles have an exceptionally sturdy receiver with side locks and cold hammer forged barrels. Fitted with a blade front sight and a V-notch rear sight with a folding leaf, the SS06 barrels can be custom ordered with claw mounts for a factory-fitted Zeiss® scope, sighted in at 100 meters. Hand finished, hand checkered stocks and fore-ends are made from select walnut or walnut briar with a cheek rest. A special trapdoor compartment for extra cartridges is fitted inside the stock, and an area under the pistol-grip cap holds a set of spare front sights. 

Exquisitely Versatile
The SSO6 is finished with light engraving on its color case-hardened receiver. The exquisite SSO6 EELL sports a receiver hand engraved with game scenes, or a color case-hardened version with 24-carat gold inlaid animals. All SSO6 Over-and-Under Express Rifles are delivered in a fine fitted leather case complete with maintenance tools and cleaning kit.

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