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The Beretta Cheetah 85FS is meant to be a lighter gun for carry than the 84FS. Chambered in .380, it uses an single stack eight-round magazine rather than the ten-round double stack magazine on the 84FS. This reduces the weight, and also makes the gun easier to grip for many shooters.

The Beretta Cheetah 85FS features an ambidextrous safety, 3-dot sights, hard-chromed barrel, reversible magazine release, alloy frame, combat style trigger guard, double action trigger, and more.

Model: J85F200
Caliber: .380 Auto
Frame: compact
Action: double/single action
Overall length: 6.8"
Overall height: 4.8"
Barrel length: 3.8"
Sight Radius: 4.9"
Overall width: 1.4"
Weight (unloaded): 21.9 ounces
Magazine capacity: 8 rounds

Beretta 85FS Cheetah features:

1) Barrel. High-strength nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel with hard chromed bore for longer life.
2) Open Slide Design. Open top slide virtually eliminates jamming and stovepiping.
3) Firing Pin Block.
4) Sights. Fast, sure target acquisition from standard 3-dot system. Notched rear sight is dovetailed to slide. Blade front sight is integral with slide.
5) Ambidextrous Safety. Easily accessible by the thumb for right or left handed shooters.
6) Reversible Magazine Release. Button to accommodate right or left handed shooters.
7) Durable Frame. An anodized alloy offers superior corrosion resistance. Matte black finish is non-reflective.
8) Combat-Style Trigger Guard. Provides support for a two hand grip and offers an enlarged opening for easy access with gloves.
9) Double Action Trigger. The first round is full double-action mode, and the second and all subsequent rounds are fired single-action.

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