Bushmaster rifles have become the most popular AR15-style rifles for four very good reasons: accuracy, reliability, value and customer service.

The barrel on a Bushmaster rifle is machined from the best grade of Chrome-Moly Vanadium steel. What's more, Bushmaster offers more than 87 different barrel configurations on their rifles.

The bores and chambers on Bushmaster rifles are chrome-lined, which offers several advantages over plain steel bores: chrome-lining can double the barrel's life; the chrome protects against corrosion; it increases velocity and improves chambering; and it reduces lead, copper and powder buildup for faster cleaning.

The receivers on Bushmaster rifles are machined from high tensile strength aircraft quality aluminum forgings--not castings. The fit of the receiver to the upper is as tight as can be. The receivers on Bushmaster rifles are Hard Anodized finished, then coated with a Nickel Acetate sealer for maximum wear.

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Looking for a holo sight for your Bushmaster? Eotech sights are perfect for Bushmaster models with scope rails.

Click on the links below to view photos and information about Bushmaster rifles.

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Rifles and Pistols:

Bushmaster Lady

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 21 Pistol

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97 Pistol

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 21 Rifle

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97 Rifle

Bushmaster Carbon 15 Type 97S Rifle

Bushmaster .308 Rifles:

Bushmaster A2 20in .308 Caliber

Bushmaster A3 20in .308 Caliber

Bushmaster A2 16in .308 Caliber

Bushmaster A3 16in .308 Caliber

Bushmaster Rifles and Carbines:

New Bushmaster Desert Camo Carbine

New Bushmaster 16in Modular Carbine

New Bushmaster SuperLight Carbine with Stubby Stock

Bushmaster SuperLight Carbine with Fixed Tele-Stock

Bushmaster RealTrees Camo Rifle

Bushmaster "Varmint Special" Rifle

Bushmaster Stainless Steel Rifle

Bushmaster Varminter Rifle

Bushmaster M4 Type 16in Carbine

Bushmaster A2 16in Carbine

Bushmaster A3 16in Carbine

Bushmaster AK A2 Rifle

Bushmaster AK A3 16in Carbine

Bushmaster Dissipator A2 16in Carbine

Bushmaster Dissipator A3 16in Carbine

Bushmaster A2 20in Rifle

Bushmaster A3 20in Rifle

Bushmaster V Match Carbine

XM15 E2S V Match 20in Rifle

Bushmaster M17S Bullpup Rifle


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