This versatile carbine has features that make it unique in the Bushmaster XM15 family. Its operating system's gas block is located behind the front sight base and under the ribbed Dissipator handguards. The full-length handguards and correct placement of sight base allow for optimal use of the full sight radius designed into the M16A2 sight system.

Handguards are molded of thermoset polymer composite, and their air vents and internal heat shields keep the barrel cool during periods of rapid rife.

The 16" heavy barrel is externally manganese phosphate finished - and chrome lined in bore and chamber to offer excellent accuracy and long life in a carbine length.

The M16A2 sight system offers adjustments for windage and elevation - the elevation knob is graduated from 300 to 800 meters so that range adjustments may be made without the need to calculate bullet drop. The dual flip-up aperture is designed for either short range shots at moving targets or long distance accuracy.

Forged, lightweight, aircraft quality aluminum receivers have all the latest design improvements.

The XM15 E2S Dissipator Carbine is shipped complete with 10 round magazine, safety, instructional manual and carrying sling.

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