If you're looking for high tech and economy, look at Bushmaster's Carbon 15 Type 21 Rifle. Another feather-weight in the Bushmaster Carbon 15 line, this rifle scales at 4* pounds and features a Stainless Steel Match Grade Barrel. The Upper and Lower Receivers, Buttstock and Forend are all molded of state of the art Carbon Fiber material that offers incredible durability, strength and ultra-light weight. Carbon 15 material is an advanced form of non-corrosive carbon fiber that combines excellent wear resistance, great strength and extremely light weight. The rifle's highly accurate, stainless steel, match grade barrel is chambered for the powerful 5.56mm NATO Cartridge and readily accepts the .223 Remington cartridge. The muzzle end is fitted with a unique Quick Detachable Compensator that reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil. The compensator is easily removed by means of its spring loaded locking collar to allow easy cleanup of powder residue. The Bushmaster quality steel bolt and carrier will provide long wear and commonality of ejector/extractor parts with AR15 type rifles makes for simple maintenance.

The bolt carrier is finished in manganese phosphate on the C15 Type 21.

Firing controls on the Type 21 Rifle will be familiar to anyone acquainted with the standard AR15 type rifle. A shell deflector keeps hot brass away from the shooter's face. The magazine release button, Carbon Fiber charging handle and takedown and pivot pins are all in standard AR15 positions. For additional safety, the Safety Selector Lever markings are color-coded on both sides of the Lower Receiver to quickly determine the firing status of the rifle.

Mounted to the Upper Receiver of the Type 21 is an anodized aluminum Picatinny rail that allows installation of the operator's choice of sighting systems: scopes, red dots, holographic or laser sights. No iron sights are supplied with the rifle. Unique to the Bushmaster C15 family is the removable Carbon Fiber buttstock. A lever on the Lower Receiver's left side releases the light weight stock for ease of storage and carrying convenience. The forend - molded of Carbon 15 - is an oval shape that is comfortable to hold and offers a non-slip stipple finish.

Completely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., the Bushmaster C15 Type 21 Rifle is shipped complete with Operator's Manual, Warranty Card and 10 Round Magazine in Bushmaster's hard plastic, lockable carrying case.

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Looking for a holo sight for your Bushmaster? Eotech sights are perfect for Bushmaster models with scope rails.

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