In the Bushmaster Carbon 15 line, the Type 97 Pistol includes the top of the line features that will stand out at any range. With a space-age look and high tech design, this 46 ounce feather-weight is a real blast to shoot. The Upper and Lower Receivers are molded of state of the art Carbon Fiber 15 material that offers incredible durability, strength and ultra-light weight. The pistol's fluted, stainless steel, match grade barrel is chambered for the 5.56mm NATO Cartridge and readily accepts the .223 Remington cartridge as well. Barrel fluting - eight deep lengthwise grooves - offer increased cooling and further reduces total weight. A Quick Detachable Compensator on the muzzle end controls muzzle rise and felt recoil, and is easily removed by means of its spring loaded locking collar. The quality machined steel bolt will provide tight chamber lockup and long wear, and its bolt carrier is chrome plated for easy cleaning. An optional flashlight or laser mounting attachment is designed to clamp directly to the barrel by means of the fluting grooves (consult your Bushmaster salesperson about this option).

Firing controls on the Type 97 Pistol are in the familiar AR15 layout, and for additional safety, the Safety Selector Lever markings are color-coded on both sides of the Lower Receiver to quickly determine the firing status of the pistol. The Charging Handle is molded of Carbon Fiber, and captivated takedown pins allow Upper and Lower Receiver separation for easy cleaning and lubrication. The Type 97 Pistol includes iron sights - the rear is a ghost ring type, and the front sight is a heavy blade integral to the gas block. The gas tube is enclosed for strength and the enclosure is vented to aid in cooling. An ergonomically designed Hogue Over Molded pistol grip is fitted for comfort. Though no forend is included, the shooter can simply wrap the weak hand around magazine and well for two handed shooting.

Completely designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., the Bushmaster C15 Type 97 Pistol is shipped with Operators Manual, Warranty Card and 10 Round Magazine.  

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