The 1860 Army holster pistol was no doubt the favorite side arm used during the war between the States because of the increased fire power of the big .44. The 1860 was issued to Federal Troops and purchased or otherwise acquired by Confederates. Many original C.C. photos show southern troopers armed with a brace of 60s.

On May 3, 1861, U.S. Army Lt. J.E.B. Stuart ordered an 1860 Army revolver with detachable shoulder stock. Two days later he resigned and accepted an officer's commission in the Army of the Confederate States of America. Stuart would soon earn the reputation as one of the greatest cavalry commanders of all time.

All Cimarron percussion revolvers come with authentic finishes. With Cimarron's Original® finish the replica can not be distinguished from the 150 year old original without close examination.

Caliber: .44
Barrel Length: 8"
Weight: 2.66 Lbs
Frames: Color Case Hardened, Military cut for stock,
Stocks: One piece walnut
Finish: Standard Blue,  Charcoal Blue, Original finish

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