Introduced around 1895 as a serious target model available in standard SAA and flat top versions with adjustable sights. The model was named after a famous target range in England. The Bisley’s unsightly grip can not be appreciated until one unholsters this arm and points down range. It is then that you will understand and appreciate the Bisley. The model's popularity was high with target shooters and lawmen because of its design and accuracy.

Cimarron’s Bisley is a true reproduction of the original Colt Bisley. Don’t be confused by others who attach a Bisley type grip to a single action and call it a Bisley. This is a Bisley inside and out.

Caliber: .357, .45LC, .44SPL, and .44WCF
Barrel Length: 4 3/4", 5 1/2" & 7 12"
Weight: 2.53 Lbs, 2.61 Lbs, 2.79 Lbs (.357 Mag.)
Grips: One piece walnut
Finish: Standard Blue 

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