The Custer 7th Cavalry Model is a very accurate copy of the first U.S. Gov't models of the 1873 to leave the factory. These early firearms were inspected by civilian inspector Orville W. Ainsworth, shipped to Fort Lincoln, and used by the troops of the 7th Cavalry under the command of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. Each authentic firearm is properly marked with the "Ainsworth" inspection markings, OWA cartouche, two line patent dates and U.S. on the frame. Stamped into the butt of the backstrap is the company and 7th Cavalry marking. Production of this model is limited to 2000 units each of the five companies (C,E,F,I,L) that perished under Custer's command at the Little Big Horn (Ainsworth was the 1st ordinance inspector to inspect the 1873 Colt Cavalry models therefore Ainsworth inspected originals are the most sought after by collectors.)

Cimarron was the first to introduce an authentic U.S. Cavalry model SAA complete with the exact markings and features of the original. Cimarron's U.S. Cavalry models are exact because they had the originals in their hands while developing the replica. Others that offer a U.S. Cavalry actually copied the Cimarron Cavalry model but left out many important details.

Caliber: 45 Colt
Barrel Length: 7 1/2"
Frames: Forged, Old Model, Color Case Hardened
Weight: 2.56 Lbs
Stocks: One piece walnut
Finish: High polish charcoal blue, Modern blue, Original finish, Armory US finish

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