"As one always looking for ways to improve my shooting skills my thoughts turned to equipment. It finally occurred to me that no one had really improved on the 1873 version of the Colt for handling, weight, balance and pointability, a near perfect blend of desirable features.

After talking to many experts on this type of gun, several problems came to light in regard to reliability and poor sights, all of which could be improved. I approached several companies marketing replicas of this type of gun to find a company interested in working with me to build what I wanted in terms of reliability and features based on years of my shooting experience. I settled on Cimarron, their guns are built on the best gun steels using stare of the art CNC machines in an ultra modern factory. They were also willing to spend the time and money to develop what I wanted. The result is their Evil Roy version of the Cimarron Model ‘P’.

Features include a wide square notch rear and wide constant width front sight, slim grips checkered or smooth, an action tuned in the U.S. by a skilled gunsmith complete with lightened trigger and hammer springs, no creep trigger pull, and improved internals for reliability. Wicked Felina, Holy Terror and I have many of thousands of cycles of dry and live fire through our prototypes with no match failures. Our guns have been subject to more use in one year than the average shooter will have in a lifetime."
-Evil Roy-

The all time top Cowboy Action Shooter in the U.S.A. Evil Roy holds National and World champion titles. Grand daughter Holy Terror also holds National and World championship titles in both youth and adult classes. Wicked Felina is also a serious shooter. The family competes together in most SASS Regional, National and World championship matches. Evil Roy, Wicked Felina and Holy Terror are the 1st family of CAS. 

Caliber: 45 Colt, .357 Magnum, 44/40
Barrel Length: 4 3/4", 5 1/2"
Weight: 2.33 Lbs, 2.56 lbs (.357 Mag.)
Grips Special Gunfighter thin grips. One piece walnut. Smooth or Checkered
Finish: Polished Blue, Color Case Hardened frame

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