The Paterson, Col. Sam's 1st revolver, was 1st put to test by the Republic of Texas Rangers in the late 1830s. Armed with the new Paterson revolver, fifteen Rangers at Plum Creek in central Texas, near San Antonio, defeated a fierce band of 100 marauding Comanche warriors. The battle of Plum Creek made evident the need for Col. Colt's revolver on the American frontier.

All Cimarron percussion revolvers come with authentic finishes. With Cimarron's Original® finish the replica can not be distinguished from the 150 year old original without close examination.

"No region, no state, made a greater contribution, than did Texas, in the making of Col. Colt's Firearms Co. No weapon, no firearm, played a greater role, than did the Colt revolver, in the making of Texas and the opening of the American west."
--Texas Jack Harvey

Caliber: .36
Barrel Length: 7 1/2"
Weight: 2.67 Lbs
Frames: With loading lever
Stocks: One piece walnut (standard),
Finish: Standard Blue, Charcoal Blue, Original Finish

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