Cimarron Revolvers

Cimarron Firearms Co. offers faithful reproductions of the firearms used to tame the West. Cimarron is clearly recognized as the leader in both quality and authenticity in cowboy actionCimarron icon shooting revolvers.

While Cimarron Firearms Co. didn't invent cowboy-action shooting, the company has been a solid supporter of the sport since 1987. Beginning with Cimarron's production of the Single Action Army revolver, the company has continuously expanded its line of revolvers to meet the desires of the cowboy-action shooting community.

Whether you play the role of gunslinger or mountain man, Cimarron has a revolver that will make your shooting experience all the more authentic.

Click on the links below to view photos and information about Cimarron revolvers. Or, to find a Cimarron dealer from our directory of subscribing gun shops, just select a state and click "Submit."

Cimarron Revolvers:

Cimarron Stainless Frontier Revolver

Cimarron Evil Roy Revolver

Cimarron Model P Revolver

Cimarron New Sheriff Revolver

Cimarron Bisley Model Revolvers

Cimarron Wyatt Earp Buntline Revolver

Cimarron Military Revolvers:

Cimarron Custer Cavalry Revolver

Cimarron Cavalry Scout Revolver

Cimarron Rough Rider Artillery Revolver

Cimarron Lightning, Thunderer, And Jr. Revolvers:

Cimarron Lightning SA Revolver

Cimarron Model P Jr. Revolver

Cimarron Thunderer Revolver

Cimarron Open Top and Conversions:

Cimarron Open Top 7-1/2" Revolver

Cimarron Open Top 5-1/2" Navy Revolver

Cimarron 1851 R-M Conversion Revolver

Cimarron 1860 R-M Conversion Revolver

Cimarron Black Powder Revolvers:

Cimarron Paterson-Texas Revolver

Cimarron "Late Model" Paterson Revolver With Loading Lever

Cimarron Second Model Dragoon Revolver

Cimarron Walker Dragoon Revolver

Cimarron 3rd Model Dragoon Revolver

Cimarron 1851 Navy Revolver

Cimarron 1860 Army Revolver

Cimarron 1860 Army Fluted Cylinder Revolver

Cimarron 1858 Army Revolver


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