When you hear the name "Colt", your first thought is probably the Colt Single Action Army or one of the Colt 1911 models. But did you know that the first revolver that Colt produced was actually a long gun? It's true. The first production gun ever to come out of Colt's factory was the No. 1 Ring Lever rifle.

Colt soon changed its focus to revolvers, and "made its bones" with the Single Action Army, but the company continued to produce various models of rifles.

In the 1950's, the US military sought to replace the M14 rifle as the standard issue rifle for soldiers. Eugene Stoner developed the rifle that would be known as the M16. Originally produced by Armalite, the M16 became the issue rifle for all branches of the US armed forces. Even today the M16 and its variant, the M4, are still the issue rifle for the military.

The Match Target HBAR has been one of the most successful commercial rifles ever made. Colt has produced hundreds of thousands of them, with an without bayonet lugs, as politicians tinkered with gun laws.

The MT6601 is the most common model of the Match HBAR rifles, with its 20" barrel, ribbed fore grip and standard stock. The 20" heavy barrel makes it a good choice for a competition rifle, and the 1:7 twist rate allows the use of bullet weights from 55 grain up to 80 grains and beyond.

MODEL: MT6601, MT6601C (Compensated version)
NAME: Match Target HBAR
FINISH: Matte black
ACTION: Semi Auto, Gas operated, Multi-lug rotary locking bolt
CALIBER: .223 Rem
CAPACITY: 9 Rounds
RIFLING TWIST: RH. 1 Turn in 7”
FRONT SIGHT: Adjustable post for elevation
REAR SIGHT: Adjustable for windage and elevation
WEIGHT: 8.0 lbs

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