A pre-eminent semi-automatic competition shotgun, the “Extra” builds on the solid FABARM semi-auto foundation found on the Gold Lion and Rex Lion Series shotguns. Added elements include a distinctive carbon fiber finish on the barrel and receiver, a 10mm channeled rib, and a adjustable competitionbuttstock with palm swell (offering 12 mm of vertical adjustable and 10 mm of lateral adjustable). Additionally, the Extra in available as a 30-inch barrel model with a black stock. The “ SC Extra” is a smooth-pointing, especially well-balanced semi-automatic shotgun ideally suited for the full range of shotgun sports.

• Tribore™ chrome lined barrel
• reliable function with standard 12 gauge shells—from standard to 3 inch magnum
• free carrier allows a shell in the chamber to replaced without emptying the entire magazine
• shim kit for stock drop adjustment
• milled, lightweight alloy receiver
• no recoil system in the buttstock mid rib bead
• can be fitted with a magazine extension
• lifetime warranty

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