Like its pump action FP6 counterpart, the FABARM Tactical Semi-automaticshotgun is a rugged and simple design—only with the addition of a technically radical autoloading operating system. To lessen felt recoil, a rubber buffer is added to the proven FABARM gas system. Combined with the FABARM TriBore™ barrel technology (of a special internal bore profile), the Tactical Semi manages to subdue the worst of normal recoil forces. The Tactical Semi functions reliably with all standard 12 gauge shells without adjustment —whether they’re light 2 3/4- inch tactical loads or the most powerful 3-inch slugs and buckshot.

The low recoil system has no action parts contained in the buttstock to change the center of gravity when the gun is fired. This allows the Tactical Semi to stay balanced—and stay on target when firing— and the Tactical Semi accepts many of the same accessories as the FP6 pump shotguns.

New additions include an ergonomic pistol grip stock for quick, natural sight alignment and a refined sighting system with a protected fixed front post and a detachable rear ghost sight mounted on a standard Picatinny rail. The new ghost-ring sights are easy to adjust and ensure fast and effective target acquisition.

• Tribore™ chrome lined barrel
• threaded outer barrel for chokes
• free carrier allows a shell in the chamber to replaced without emptying the entire magazine
• Ergal 55 alloy receiver
• no recoil system in the buttstock
• can use a variety of accessories, including folding stocks, compact handgrip, and magazine extension
• extended forearm has hard points for mounting accessories
• twin forged action bars for smooth reliable operation
• 3" chamber
• gas system is chrome plated
• Picatinny rail and choice of flip-up front sight or new ghost ring sights
• large cocking lever and safety button
• lifetime warranty

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