For decades, the name "Kimber" has meant superb value and high quality when it comes to rifles and shotguns. From the Kimber Kimber rifle.22 Classic model to the Augusta shotgun, Kimber long guns set the standard by which other brands are judged.

You're first drawn to the appearance of Kimbers: the beautifully-figured Claro walnut stocks and deep rich bluing are hard to resist. But it's the balance, the natural pointability and smooth actions that hook you. Kimber offers you quality that you can both see and feel.

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Click on the links below to view photos and information about the various Kimber models.

Kimber .22 Rifles:

Kimber .22 Classic Rifle

Kimber .22 Custom Classic Rifle

Kimber .22 SuperAmerica Rifle

Kimber .22 Hunter Rifle

Kimber .22 Classic Varmint Rifle

Kimber .22 SVT Rifle

Kimber .22 HS Rifle

Kimber Model 84M Rifles:

Kimber 84M Classic Rifle

Kimber 84M Montanta Rifle

Kimber 84M SuperAmerica Rifle

Kimber 84M Varmint Rifle

Kimber 84M LongMaster Pro Rifle

Kimber LongMaster VT Rifle

Kimber Shotguns:

Kimber Augusta Field Shotgun

Kimber Augusta Skeet Shotgun

Kimber Augusta Sporting Shotgun

Kimber Augusta Trap Shotgun


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