Kimber 22 rifles naturally divide into two groups – classic sporter and
special purpose. Sometimes the line blurs but each has the same action and
offers a level of performance unmatched by any other brand.
All models originate from the Classic, Kimber’s first rifle. Today, six versions
are offered in several different grades of walnut. Checkering patterns, metal
finishes and other appointments vary widely, but each rifle has a hand-rubbed
oil finish. Barrel length and contour change to match the intended
purpose of the rifle, and there is even a Youth model for smaller shooters.

The Custom Classic and SuperAmerica are produced in small number due to the limited supply of fine AAA walnut.

Assembled from the finest materials, built on state-of-the-art equipment and finished by hand, the Kimber 22 is in a class by itself. Any other rifle is a compromise.

  • Barrels are free floated to avoid accuracy-robbing pressure.
  • Two-position wing safety acts directly on cocking piece
  • for greatest security.
  • Barrels are lapped, then press fit and pinned in true alignment with the bore.
  • Receivers are drilled and tapped for Kimber scalloped base sets (not included).
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