The foundation of a best quality shotgun is the action. Easily the most critical component, a properly designed shotgun built around the right action comes alive. On a course it makes anything possible. In the field it comes to shoulder without effort.

The Boss-type is thought to be the finest over and under action ever cut from steel. For generations ithas served as the foundation for some of the world’s finest firearms. Its shallow profile and slim lines are renowned for beauty and bring the practical advantages of light weight and strength. Quite naturally, this action design was the starting point of the Kimber Augusta.

Manufactured for Kimber in Brescia, Italy, the Augusta is a product of a long-established guild environment. Craftsmen with decades of experience may labor over several different famous shotgun brands in the same week. When finished – from the same materials worked by the same hands – the Augusta emerges as an extraordinary value.

Almost at odds with tradition, Augusta Shotguns are also the product of modern manufacturing systems and materials. The final form blends the best of old and new into a shotgun that deserves the Kimber name. The Augusta Shotgun. The newest Kimber Classic.

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