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1/21/2006 Wisconsin Governor Vetoes Concealed Carry Bill

9/25/2005 Wisconsin State Senator Zien To Introduce Concealed Weapons Carry Bill

7/18/2005 NRA Cancels 2007 Columbus, Ohio Convention Over "Assault Weapons" Ban

7/12/2005 Columbus, Ohio City Council Votes To Ban "Assault Weapons"

5/27/05 New York State Assembly Passes Ban On .50 Caliber Rifles

5/24/05 Illinois Legislature Again Defeats Bans On "Assault Weapons" And .50 Caliber Rifles

5/24/05 Minnesota Governor Signs Renewed Shall-Issue Concealed Carry Bill

5/15/05 Minnesota State Senate Passes New Concealed Carry Bill Without Amendments

5/3/05 Missouri Legislature Passes Bill Forcing St. Louis To Issue Concealed Weapons Permits

4/30/05 Minnesota Concealed Carry Bill Rides Legislative See-Saw

4/15/05 Illinois Legislature Shoots Down Gun Control Bills

4/12/05 Minnesota Court Of Appeals Rules Concealed Carry Law Unconstitional

4/7/05 New Mexico Governor Signs Bill Improving Concealed Carry Law

4/6/05 California Attorney General Proposes Serial Numbers For Ammunition

4/5/05 Florida House Passes Self-Defense Bill

4/3/05 Amended Concealed Carry Bill Heads To Tennessee House Committee

3/25/05 Brady Campaign Press Release Dances In The Blood Of Victims

3/16/05 New "Assault Weapons" Ban Introduced In Congress

3/15/05 Maine Legislature Considers Gun, Ammo Tax In Wake Of Courthouse Shootings

3/12/05 Indiana Congressman Introduces National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill

3/9/05 Illlinois House Committee Approves Two Concealed Weapons Carry Bills

3/4/05 New Jersey Joins .50 Caliber Feeding Frenzy

3/3/05 Washington State Anti-Gun Bills Die In Committee

3/2/05 New York State Legislature To Vote On Expanded "Assault Weapons" Bill

3/1/05 "Million Mom March" Activist Arrested On Gun Charges

2/28/05 Illinois Lawmakers Propose Ban On .50 Caliber Rifles

2/27/05 Senate, House Once Again Introduce Bill To Shield Gun Makers From Frivolous Lawsuits

2/22/05 CNN Reporter Walks Fine Line Between Legal Purchase And Felony In .50 Caliber Story

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