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GunShowOnTheNet.com--The source for EVERYTHING gun on the net...

Gun Rights Organizations:

California Firearms - The California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) is an organization dedicated to informing California citizens of their Second Amendment along with Firearms Legislation, CCW Permit and Gun Rights & Laws in CA.

Great Lakes Shooting Sports Association--The Great Lakes Shooting Sports Association (GLSSA) is a statewide organization devoted to promoting and protecting firearm and archery sports in Michigan and the surrounding Great Lakes region. GLSSA promotes shooting sports as well as actively pursues pro-gun legislation to protect and enhance firearms rights.

Gun Owners of America--The no-compromise group representing the rights of all gun owners.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership--one of the hardest-fighting pro-gun groups in the United States

Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners--the largest state-based fireams advocate in America

Pennsylvania Firearms Owners Association--news, a great forum, and more.

Shooters' Alliance for Firearms Rights--Protecting Your Right To Protect Yourself:  Making Michigan SAFR

The National Rifle Association--the world's largest gun rights group. 'Nuff said?

Pro-Gun Attorneys:

The Shooter's Bar--David Markowitz is compiling a nationwide directory of pro-gun attorneys.

Online Gun Forums:

1911Forum.com---for lovers of John Moses Browning's most popular invention

AR15.com--If you like "evil black rifles," this forum is for you.

CZForum.com--The place for CZ lovers

The Firing Line--One of the most respected forums on the internet. Plenty of good advice and friendly banter.

The High Road--Oleg Volk's original forum, offering a wealth of knowledge on just about any gun-related subject.

Hk94.com Gun Forums™ Gun Forums - An Oasis for Gun Lovers.

HK91.com--Message boards, information and more!

Online Gun Directories:

Air Guns - An excellent resource for air guns!

Ammo.Net--Links to guns, ammunition, and more.

Canada Guns Your source for firearms information in Canada

Cimarron Firearms Inc. offers detailed copies of the firearms used in taming the frontier in Texas and the American West. We are clearly recognized as the leader in quality and authenticity in Cowboy Action Shooting firearms. Cimarron has supported SASS since its start in 1987.

CombatCarry.com--Discussion forum committed to the growing community of American citizens choosing to obtaining a CCW permit to legally carry concealed weapons. We provide an environment for all of our visitors to communicate their CCW related experiences while learning from the experiences of others.

Directory organized by subject, including Outdoors.

Glock Parts and Accessories--Offers a wide range of Glock parts and accessories as well as complete disassembly instructions and model specifications.

Google's Gun Directory Page

Gun Links Directory

GunHoo Gun Pages Central--Firearms links: alphabetized, categorized, regionalized and searchable.


Horizon Bladeworks--Specializing in automatic knives and switchblades. Here you will find a vast assortment of Automatic knives from makers such as Microtech knives, Protech knives, Benchmade Knives, Spyderco knives, Kershaw Knives, SOG Knives, Smith and wesson, Boker knives and many more. We also offer authentic Italian switchblade knives and Italian stiletto knives by Frank Beltrame, AKC knives, SKM knives, Angelo Camplolin, Armondo Beltrame and others as well as German knives and switchblades from Hubertus in Solingen Germany.

HuntingNet.Com the Ultimate Hunting Community
The Ultimate Hunting Community

Internet Shooting Directory - A wealth of info for the firearms enthusiast!  Home of Gun Chat.

LinkSelect Hunting And Shooting Directory

Concealed Carry Information:

Carry Concealed .Net--News, videos,and information about carry gear, laws, training and all other aspects of carrying concealed.

Concealed Carry Class.net --Our goal is to help you get your concealed carry license by giving you all the information you need about training requirements and classes in your state.

Self Defense Products

Self Defense Weapons --Offering a large variety of products, such as stun guns, pepper sprays, wireless home alarms, personal alarms, surveillance equipment and child safety items to help protect your home, your family and yourself.

Other Sites Of Interest:

AmmoSpy.Net -- Ammunition Search Engine -- A really great idea! Search data on ammunition inventories from many online retailers. Search by caliber, price and other parameters to find which retailers have the ammo you want, how much they have, and their prices.

Lucky Gunner Ammo

Police Equipment and Firearms Export--registered by U.S. State Dept.: ODTC HARDWARE & BROKER & L.E. TRAINING.

1911 Handgun Vault -- Gateway to 1911 handgun information.

Action Adventure Guide Outfitters Premier Colorado Elk Hunting

AIMED Point Shooting or P&S For Self-Defense --Information on Point Shooting and home self defense 24/7.

Airsoft Gun Room--High quality, licensed brand name airsoft guns and air soft gun accessories from the airsoft gun room. Visit the airsoft gun room for electric airsoft guns, gas airsoft guns, spring airsoft guns, air soft gun supplies and air soft bb gun ideas.

Alaska Duck Hunting--For 18 years in Alaska we have been guiding for duck hunters and fishermen.

Arms Vault--The ultimate gateway to firearms information

B&B Worldwide Fishing Adventures - High quality fishing trips and vacations to destinations around the world Including Mexico, Alaska, Canada, Costa Rica, Brazil, Panama, Guatemala

Bright Sights--High Visibility Gun Sight Coating

Civilian Marksmanship Program--The Civilian Marksmanship Program promotes firearms safety training and rifle practice for all qualified U.S. citizens with special emphasis on youth.

Coon 'n Crockett Muzzleloaders Club--The Internet's Premier Muzzle Loading Information Center!

CTK Precision--Manufacturer of shooting rests, gun vises, monopods, brass catchers, forward grips and gun levels.

Florida Defense Academy Firearms Training --Ocala Florida NRA Certified instructors teaching Concealed Carry, Pistol Training and Home Firearm Safety Courses.

Georgia Sporting Clays Association

Gift for Him - Welcome to eknives.com. Your home for gifts for him like Swiss Army knives and Lord of the Rings Collectibles!

Guns and Shooting Online - The definitive firearms site.

Gwinnett Practical Shooting League--A USPSA club in the Atlanta, GA area. Sponsors USPSA and IPSC events.

Heavy Metal Software--Your number one source for shooting software

Holmen Rod & Gun Club--Holmen, WI

HUNTING SOCIETY--The most complete online source for hunting information

Jungle Jim’s Supply |Swords | Police Gear | Public Safety Equipment --Knives, Law enforcement Products and Public Safety Gear, Camping Equipment, Flashlights, Rifle Scopes, Weapon Lights, Gifts and much more.

LearnAboutGuns.com - Firearm information and politics from a pro-firearms rights perspective

M.D. Smith's Reloading Pages -- Since 1996, M.D. Smith's reloading pages have been devoted to hand reloading

of pistol and rifle cartridges. Select the "Round" of interest and go to that page.

MadOgre.com--insights, comments, and some pretty strong opinions on just about every subject

National Skeet Shooting Association

Blog O' Stuff--all sorts of information, from shooting to computers, and more.


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