John Mahlon Marlin opened his New Haven gun shop for business in 1870 to start what has become one of the industry's largest operations. With the exception of the World War I period, Marlin has always been a family controlled company. Marlin is renowned for design longevity and manufacturing quality - Models 39 and 336 are the oldest shoulder arm designs in the world still being produced. Originally introduced as Marlin Models 1891 and 1893 respectively, they still mirror the original designs.

Founder John Marlin's philosophy was to manufacture better products than his competitors, and he showed a fierce pride in the guns that bore his name. In an early catalog, he said of the Marlin Model 1897: "It costs more to make and will cost you more than other .22 rifles - but it's the best .22 caliber repeater in the world if you are willing to pay for it..."

Today, that same basic rifle, now called the Marlin Model 39, is considered "the Cadillac of the .22's." John Marlin's philosophy is continued today, and it has led Marlin to an enviable position in one of the nation's oldest manufacturing industries: Marlin is the largest manufacturer of .22 rifles in America.

The Marlin doctrine of gun making remains the same today as in the beginning. Modern machines and materials are used, but the founder's concept of making guns simpler and better is followed religiously.

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Marlin Big Bore Rifles:

Marlin 1895XLR Lever Action Rifle Laminate Stock .45/70  .450 Marlin

Marlin Model 1895M Rifle in 450 Marlin

Marlin Model 1895MR Rifle in 450 Marlin

Marlin Model 1895G "Guide Gun"

Marlin Model 1895GS Stainless Rifle

Marlin Classic Model 1895 Rifle

Marlin Model 444 Rifle

Marlin Model 1895SBL Rifle

Marlin Lever Action Centerfire Rifles:

Marlin Model 336Y "Spikehorn" Rifle

Marlin Model 336SS Stainless Rifle

Marlin Model 336C Rifle

Marlin Model 336CC Camo Rifle

Marlin Model 336W Rifle

Marlin Model 336A Rifle

Marlin 308 MXLR Lever Action Rifle Laminate Stock

Marlin 336XLR Lever Action Rifle Laminate Stock .30/30  .35 Remington

Marlin 444XLR Lever Action Rifle Laminate Stock .444 Marlin

Marlin 308MX Lever Action Rifle Walnut Stock .308 Marlin Express

Marlin Model 1894 Centerfire Rifles:

Marlin Model 1894PG Rifle

Marlin Model 1894FG Rifle

Marlin Model 1894SS Stainless Rifle

Marlin Model 1894C Carbine Rifle

Marlin Lever Action Cowboy Rifles:

Marlin Model 1894CBC Cowboy Competition Carbine

Marlin Model 1894CBC Cowboy Competition Carbine (.45 Colt)

Marlin Model 1894CB-32 Cowboy Rifle In .32 H&R Magnum

Marlin Model 1894 Cowboy Rifle

Marlin Model 1895 Cowboy Rifle

Marlin Model 336 Cowboy Rifle

Marlin Lever Action .22 Rifles:

Marlin Model 39A Lever Action .22 Rifle

Marlin Tubular Fed .22 Rifles:

Marlin Model 60 Rifle

Marlin Model 60DL Rifle

Marlin Model 60C Camo Rifle

Marlin Model 60SSK Stainless Rifle

Marlin Model 60SS Laminate Rifle

Marlin Model 60SB Rifle

Marlin Self-Loading, Magazine-Fed Rifles:

Marlin Model 7000 Rifle

Marlin Model 795 Rifle

Marlin Model 795SS Stainless Rifle

Marlin Model 70PSS Takedown Rifle Rifle

Marlin Bolt Action Rifles:

Marlin Model 980V Rifle

Marlin Model 980S Stainless Rifle

Marlin Model 981T Rifle

Marlin Model 925 Rifle

Marlin Model 925C Camo Rifle

Marlin Bolt Action Rifles With Tubular Magazines:

Marlin Model 983T Rifle

Marlin Model 983S Rifle

Marlin Model 983 Rifle

Marlin Bolt Action Rifles With Detachable Magazines:

Marlin Model 982S Rifle

Marlin Model 982L Rifle

Marlin Model 982 Rifle

Marlin Model 982VS Rifle

Marlin Model 925M Rifle

Marlin Model 925MC Rifle

Marlin XL7 Rifle .25-06 Remington , .270 Winchester , .30-06 Springfield

Marlin XL7C Camouflage Rifle .30-06  .270 Winchester .25-06 Remington

Marlin XL7W Walnut Stock Rifle .30-06  .270 Winchester

Marlin XS7 Synthetic Stock Rifle .243  7mm-.08 .308 Winchester

Marlin XS7Y Synthetic Stock Youth Rifle .308 .243 Winchester 7mm-.08

Marlin XS7C Camouflage Stock 7mm-.08  .243 Winchester  .308 Winchester

Marlin .17 Hornady Magnum Rifles:

Marlin Model 917V Rifle

Marlin Model 917VS Rifle

Marlin Single-Shot .22 Rifles:

Marlin Model 915Y Rifle

Marlin Model 915YS Rifle

Lever Action Shotguns:

Marlin Model 410


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