For nearly two centuries, Remington has consistently produced incredibly beautiful, balanced and accurate rifles. Because of the company's commitment to quality, Remington Remington rifle iconrifles dominate the shooting sports. Whether at the range or in the field, the overwhelming choice of serious shooters is Remington.

Today Remington produces over 100 models of rifles and shotguns. The model lines have been expanded to provide a rifle for every specialized purpose. For hunting, target shooting, or law enforcement purposes, Remington has the rifle to do the job right.

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Remington Model 673 Guide Gun Rifle

Remington Seven Series Bolt Action Rifles:

Remington Seven LS Rifle

Remington LS Magnum Rifle

Remington Seven Youth Rifle

Remington Seven SS Rifle

Remington Seven SS Magnum Rifle

Remington Youth Synthetic Rifle

Remington Repeating Rifles:

Remington 7400 Rifle

Remington 7400 Synthetic Rifle

Remington 7400 Weathermaster Rifle

Remington 7600 Rifle

Remington 7600 Synthetic Rifle

Remington 750 Semi-Auto Rifles:

750 Synthetic .243 Winchester 22" Barrel Model 85682

750 Synthetic .308 Winchester 22" Barrel Model 85683

750 Carbine Synthetic .308 Winchester 18.5" Barrel Model 85684

750 Woodmaster .308 Winchester 22" Barrel Walnut/Blued Model 27057

750 Woodmaster .270 Winchester 22" Barrel Walnut/Blued Model 27059

750 Woodmaster .30-06 22" Barrel Walnut/Blued Model 27061

750 Woodmaster Carbine .308 18.5" Barrel Walnut/Blued Model 27075

750 Woodmaster Carbine .30-06 18.5" Barrel Walnut/Blued Model 27077

Remington Rimfire Rifles:

Remington 504 Rifle

Remington 597 Rifle

Remington 597 SS Rifle

Remington 597 LSS Rifle

Remington 597 LS HB Rifle

Remington 597 Magnum Rifle

Remington 597 Magnum 17 HMR Rifle

Remington 552 BDL Speedmaster Rifle

Remington 572 BDL Fieldmaster Rifle

Remington Model 700 Muzzleloaders:

Remington 700 ML Rifle

Remington 700 MLS Magnum Rifle

Remington 700 MLS Magnum Camo Rifle

Remington R15 Rifles:

R15 .204 Ruger Varmint Tactical Predator Model 60000

R15 .223 Varmint Tactical Predator Model 60001

R15 .223 Varmint Tactical Predator Carbine Model 60003

R15 Collapsible Stock .223 Varmint Tactical Predator Carbine Model 60005

R15 .223 Stainless Varmint Rifle 24" Barrel Model 60007

R15 .223 Thumbhole Stock Varmint Rifle 24" Fluted Barrel Model 60012

Remington R25 Rifles:

R25 7mm-08 Rifle 20" Fluted Barrel Model 60031

R25 .308 Win Rifle 20" Fluted Barrel Model 60032

Remington Rifle Features:

Remington stock finishes

Remington has an incredibly wide variety of stock finishes. Some, like the satin walnut or gloss walnut, are classics that have aesthetic appeal. Rifles are also offered in laminate finishes that mimic wood, but offer the advantage of not swelling from humidity, and not scratching as easily

Remington satin finish rifle stock photo      Remington gloss finish stock

Remington laminate rifle stock photograph

The synthetics stocks on Remington rifles range from plain black, green or gray to the very sophisticated camouflage patterns from Mossy Oak, Realtree and other companies. These camouflage finishes aren't just spray-can designs, but rather are computer-designed and tested to blend almost seamlessly into various environments. Remington has obtained licenses from these companies to use these superior camouflage patterns on their rifles. The results in the field and forest are nothing less than incredible.

Remington rifle stock with Mossy Oak camouflage finish      Realtree camouflage finish on Remington stock

A-TACS digital camouflage finish on Remington rifle stock

The Remington rifles with gloss stocks and bluing will generally have varying degrees of checkering, both for looks as well as giving a better grip.

In 1962, Remington started using what is called "impressed checkering" on their stocks. As the name implies, impressed checkering is pressed into the wood via a mold. Many customers felt that the quality of impressed checkering was less than satisfactory. Today Remington uses "cut checkering", in which the wood is actually cut to create the checkering. While it's still done by machine rather than by hand, it comes very close to the hand-checkering of a bygone era.

close up photograph of checkering on the stock of a Remington rifle, showing the "cut checkering" method currently used by Remington

Receiver and barrel finishes

The receivers and barrels on Remington rifles come in a variety of styles, for looks as well as function. The gloss blued barrels and receivers represent the traditional rifle, combining looks with utility. The matte surface finish, on the other hand, is all business, minimizing reflections to keep the shooter from being spotted by his prey. The satin finish combines the advantages of both the gloss and the matte, giving the rifle an attractive appearnce while keeping reflections to a minimum.

Many of Remington's rifles now have camouflage patterns embedded right into the finish to match the stocks. The R15 series of rifles, for example, employ the RealTree Advantage Max 1 finish embedded in the receivers and barrels, giving the shooter the maximum ability to hide.

Of course, Remington offers stainless steel versions of most of its models of rifles.

Gloss finish on receiver and barrel of Remington rifle       Remington rifle receiver with satin blued finish

Remington R15 rifle receiver with RealTree Advantage Max 1 camouflage finish       Stainless receiver on Remington rifle


While the exterior of a rifle is important, what's inside is what really determines accuracy and dependability. Remington doesn't cut corners in the construction of any of its rifles. Barrels and receivers are machined from solid carbon steel or stainless steel. Tolerances are tight to avoid jams. The lockup is solid on the bolts of all models of Remington rifles, keeping the cartridge firmly in place until fired, meaning that you get better accuracy.

Are there better rifles on the market? Certainly. But, for the money, and for most shooters, Remington rifles really deliver the very best at relatively modest prices.

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Used by permission from Remington Arms Company, Inc.

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