One of the most attractive, and simultaneously, the most practical over-the-counter centerfire rifles Remington has ever built--the new bolt action Model 700™ LSS (Laminated Stock Stainless) Mountain Rifle has quickly become a favorite for hunters seeking a versatile, lightweight rifle.

From the day it first appeared in 1986, the Model 700 Mountain Rifle caught the eye and the fancy of discriminating shooters. New arrivals on dealers' racks rarely stayed there for more than a day. In fact, many were sold before they arrived. The Model 700 Mountain Rifle's clean, classic stock design, with straight-line comb angled slightly downward towards the muzzle and sculptured cheek piece on the left side was, and is, the style most favored by custom stockmakers. And its gracefully-tapered, 22-inch barrel, without sights, produced full-bore ballistics at the weight of a carbine. This is a rifle capable of handling mountain-level ranges without draining the hunter's energy to get there.

The barreled action is produced from 416A stainless steel set in a handsome, elements-resistant, satin-finished, brown two-tone laminated stock. Other features include crisp cut checkering, black fore-end tip and grip cap, hinged floor plate and satin-finished metal surface. It is being offered in chamberings for the 260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, 270 Win., and 30-06.

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Used by permission from Remington Arms Company, Inc

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