For 28-gauge sporting clays competition Remington offers what many competitors believe to be the finest 28-gauge clay target gun ever made—the Model 1100 Sporting 28.

As with all members of the Remington line of sporting shotguns, this 28-gauge shotgun is finely crafted with a semi-fancy American walnut stock and fore-end enhanced with cut checkering and beautiful high gloss finish. Complimenting the handsome wood stock is a high polished, deep blue finish on all exposed metal, and a gold plated trigger. This 28-gauge autoloader features an all-new 27-inch vent rib, Rem™ Choke barrel that provides better balance ands smooth handling for target shooting. The barrel comes equipped with standard twin bead sights, and four interchangeable Rem™ Choke tubes in Skeet, Improved Cylinder, Light Modified, and Modified.

A long-standing favorite on the range and in the field, the soft-recoiling Model 1100 autoloader is designed for the challenges of target shooting or the challenges of an opening day dove field.

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Used by permission from Remington Arms Company, Inc

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