The P210 Pistol can arguably be called the "most accurate production handgun" in the world. The P210 was originally made in Switzerland in 1949 for the Swiss Military. Since that time, the P210 has gained a worldwide reputation for outstanding accuracy, superior quality and timeless durability. The P210 pistol is offered in 9mm Parabellum.

The P210-8-9 is the top of the line pistol in the family. Built on a heavy frame with a 4.68" barrel, adjustable target sights and a lateral magazine catch, the P210-8-9 delivers exceptional accuracy based on the combination of the full-length guidance between the slide and receiver and the backlash-free locking of the barrel to the slide. Choice wooden grip plates and a magazine loader round out the impressive pistol package.

The P210 consistently wins 100 meter competition matches throughout the world and ships with a 50 meter accuracy target, trigger lock, and lockable hard carry case.

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