Incorporating innovations that raise the standards for quality and performance, the Blaser rifles mark the beginning of a revolution in bolt-action design.

In fact, these rifles represent the first truly new concept in bolt-action rifle design since the bolt-action idea was first introduced. Foremost among its breakthrough features is its fast, smooth, straight pull bolt movement. Unlike conventional bolt actions, you operate the Blaser action by simply pulling the bolt to the rear and pushing it forward, with no lifting. Its faster, smoother and less likely to affect your aim for the next shot. Less obvious but equally remarkable is the Blaser's Radial Locking System (see details below). It's built around a radial bolt that expands 360 to make full, rigid contact right inside the barrel for a solid lock-up. Also contributing to the Blaser's performance are its patented sear-free trigger mechanism and completely free-floated barrel. Altogether, these design innovations result in a level of accuracy that no conventional bolt-action rifle can match. Dedicated to any single caliber, the Blaser R93 would rank among the best bolt-action rifles in the world. But the Blaser R93 rifles were engineered to allow for barrel and caliber interchangeability. Quick take-down and a replacement barrel and bolt head are all that's needed to provide maximum versatility in the Blaser R93.

The technologically advanced Blaser Radial Locking System gives you five distinct benefits: 1) The bolt locks directly into the barrel, not into a receiver, so you get a full-length barrel in a rifle that's 4" shorter overall, 2) The frame receives minimum stress because the bolt locks directly into the barrel, making the Blaser lighter and easier to handle, 3) Radial lockup means that stress is distributed through a full 360° of contact, for greater system strength and durability, 4) Head space is precisely controlled because the bolt head locks directly into the barrel, and 5) The bolt head is free-floating, so it self-trues into a concentric position in the bore, relieving stress and assuring a higher degree of accuracy.

There is no other rifle system with the versatility or pure shooting ability of the R93. Seventeen different standard and magnum calibers, including the new .300 Ultra Mag., ensure that there's a perfect choice for any hunting challenge. Due to its revolutionary straight-pull bolt and radial lock-up, the bolt mates directly to the barrel with full 360° locking contact for superior strength and rigidity. Because the R93's bolt locks directly into the barrel, the R93's frame receives minimum stress which allows the rifle to be both lighter and shorter, so it's easy to carry and quicker handling. The trigger is sear-free, and designed so the "creep" is eliminated. Let-off is crisp and precise. Scope mounts directly to the barrel, so that rifles can be easily broken down and reassembled without changing point-of-impact. Barrels are cold hammer forged and are machined to accept detachable scope mounts. They are free-floated, so that atmospheric changes won't affect your point-of-aim. The R93's straight-pull bolt is an engineering marvel and includes a safety which actually cocks/decocks the firing mechanism. There's even a rubber bumper built into the magazine well to protect bullet tips from recoil damage. The list is endless.

The Blaser R93 Attache is the ultimate take-down rifle with 14 available calibers from .22-250 Rem. to .338 Win. Mag. The Attache features highly figured select walnut, a rosewood forend and a fluted barrel. The Attache breaks down quickly and easily with no loss of zero when reassembled. The Attache is the perfect carry rifle for those long treks, weighing in at less than 6.5 lbs.


Caliber: .257 Wby. Mag., 7mm Rem Mag., .300 Win. Mag., .300 Wby. Mag., .338 Win. Mag.
Barrel Length: 22"
Overall Length: 40"
Weight: 6.5 pounds
Mag capacity: 3 rounds

Value. Custom quality. Revolutionary design. Only SIGARMS can offer such a selection.

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