Mauser, the oldest name in semi-automatic pistols, is proud to introduce a pistol designed for personal protection for home defense or as a concealed carry for the private citizen at an affordable price.

The M2 by Mauser could arguably be called "the safest handgun on the market today". Several safety features are integrated into the M2's design. The pistol features a loaded chamber indicator on top of the slide, which provides a visual indication that a round is present in the firing chamber. The pistol's magazine disconnect is designed to prevent the pistol from being fired with the magazine removed from the pistol, even if a live round remains in the chamber. The pistol is equipped with an automatic firing pin safety that will not release the firing pin unless the trigger has been pulled. A disconnector prevents out of battery firing. The double-action only fire control system (in conjunction with the striker firing system) holds the striker at half cock which will not fire the cartridge should it be accidentally released. The manual external safety, located on the back of the slide, allows the owner to quickly observe if the handgun in is the safe mode while in the holster and can be quickly operated with the shooting hand.

Mauser M2 pistols are modern semi-automatic handguns complying with the latest technical advances in firearms design. They operate on the principle of mechanically half-cocked recoil loading with semiautomatic reloading. The manual safety catch, magazine catch and automatic firing pin ensure safe carrying of the pistol. After every shot the firing pin is automatically half-cocked and completely safe. The distinctive contrast sights in conjunction with the ergonomically favorable grip design permits rapid, precision target acquisition and firing.

Mauser M2 Technical Specifications:
Mechanical rotary-action bolt; Striker-fired (no hammer); Double-action only semiautomatic pistol; loaded chamber indicator, magazine safety disconnect, manual safety, available in .45 ACP, & .40 S&W calibers.

Each Mauser M2 pistol comes complete with green plastic hard carry case, trigger lock & 2 magazines.

The Mauser M2 is imported and distributed in North America exclusively by SIGARMS.

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