Smith and Wesson rifle product photo

People usually associate the Smith and Wesson name with top-quality handguns, but Smith and Wesson has been making rifles since World War II.

With the introduction of the M&P rifles in 2006, Smith and Wesson set a new standard for AR15 style tactical rifles. The list below represents some of the company's best-selling rifles.

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Smith and Wesson M&P Rifles:

M&P15-22 Rifle, Standard

M&P15-22 Rifle, Compliant

M&P15 MOE Rifle

M&P15 MOE Rifle, Flat Dark Earth Finish

M&P15 PS Rifle

M&P15 PSX Rifle

M&P15P15I Rifle

M&P15 VTAC Rifle

M&P15R Rifle

M&P15R Upper Receiver

M&P15 Rifle

M&P15T Tactical Rifle

M&P15A Rifle

M&P15OR Optics Ready Rifle

M&P15X Rifle

M&P15FT Rifle

M&P15ORC Optics Ready Compliant Rifle

M&P15PC Peformance Center Rifle

M&P15PC Black Performance Center Rifle

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