Smith and Wesson model 162524 revolver product photo


This Smith and Wesson 642CT Airweight revolver features an enclosed hammer for a snag-free draw, and Crimson Trace laser grips for fast target acquisition. Weighing just 16 ounces, it rides in your pocket or holster all day without discomfort. The 2 1/2" barrel gives you excellent short-range accuracy, and the aluminum alloy frame resists corrosion.


Model: Model 642CT
Model number: 162524
Caliber: .38 Special, +P
Capacity: 5 rounds
Barrel length: 2 1/2"
Overall length: 7"
Action: double action only
Finish: matte silver
Grips: synthetic
Weight: 16 ounces
Construction: aluminum alloy
Front sight: black blade
Rear sight: fixed

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Airweight Revolvers For Defensive Use

With their light weight and small size, Airweight revolvers don't lend themselves well to serious target shooting or competition. They are primarily defense guns, and their most practical application is carry.

If you're choosing an Airweight for carry, you should give consideration to how you're going to carry it. Certainly you can just put it in a front pant pocket, but that's not exactly the most ideal form of carry. While it does make the revolver quickly accessible, it doesn't always conceal well, as thin fabric will show the outline easily. Depending upon how your pants are cut, the revolver in your pocket can also cause your pants to sag. Even with the Airweight models weighing 14-17 ounces, that's still the weight of three rolls of pennies, which will certainly cause one side of your pants to droop.

So, a holster of some sort is really in order. Fortunately, there's a tremendous selection available to you. Which type you choose will usually be dictated by the type of clothing you'll be wearing.Galco paddle holster for Smith and Wesson Airweight revolver

If you have a shirt that can be worn untucked, you can use a paddle style outside the pant holster, which is one of the most comfortable holster choices. This is also a good choice if you're going to be wearing a jacket or other cover garment, as long as you're not going to remove the cover garment.

The Airweight revolvers are light and small enough that a pocket holster is also a good choice. Unlike just having the revolver tucked into your pocket, using a pocket holster helps keep the profile of the gun from showing through fabric. The rough exterior of the holster Smith and Wesson Airweight revolver in Galco pocket holsterhelps keep it from shifting around as well.






pistol in Galco purse holster For women, there are any number of purses available with built-in holster compartments that allow for quick access from the outside. These are excellent choices for carry, as long as you always have your purse with you. Leave it behind, and it's useless. Leave it unattended and your gun may be stolen.





Inside the waistband ("IWB") holsters offer more Smith and Wesson Airweight in a Galco inside the waistband holsterconcealabiltiy than paddle style holsters, as the lower half of the gun and holster are hidden by the pants and belt. The user only needs a means to cover the grip of the revolver, which can be done with a short cover garment, or even by wearing the shirt loosely bloused (meaning partially tucked) so that the shirt fabric covers the gun. Care must be taken to not move in such a way that the covering garment is lifted to expose the gun.

A shoulder holster is an option as well, although with a revolver as small as an Airweight, you'll be carrying more holster and straps than you are gun. Shoulder rigs are better suited for medium-sized pistols or revolvers.

Airweight revolvers make for excellent back-up guns, and ankle holsters are popular for back up guns, especially with police officers. Smith and Wesson Airweight in a Galco ankle holsterThe downsides are pretty obvious: they're not very comfortable; and accessing them can't be done very quickly. The upside is that most people don't look at your ankles, so it's a good place to hide a gun.





Whatever your holster choice, you'll find that the Airweight models' light weight and compact size make carrying and concealing much, much easier than carrying a full-size revolver.

For information about laser sights and speedloaders for Airweight revolvers, click here

Holster photos courtesy of Galco GunLeather (www.usgalco.com)

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