The Smith and Wesson Model 396 gives you an extremely light revolver that packs the wallop of five rounds of .44 Special. It uses an aluminum alloy frame, barrel shroud and yoke to lighten parts that aren't exposed to pressure. The titanium cylinder reduces weight further, while still being able to handle the pressures of the .44 Special cartridge. The barrel has a stainless liner for withstanding pressure, as well as providing corrosion protection and longevity.

The model 396 makes for a good target pistol, too. It has an adjustable rear sight and light-gathering HIVIZ® front sight blade for precise aiming. The Hogue Bantam grips are perfect for target shooting as well as defense, giving you a firm yet extremely comfortable hold on the gun.

The titanium cylinder and aluminum frame give the pistol a two-tone look, while the tapered barrel shroud adds to the gun's distinctive appearance. The model 396 doesn't weigh much more than a cordless phone, but brings protection much faster.


Caliber: .44 S&W Special
Capacity: 5 Rounds
Barrel Length: 3-1/8"
Front Sight: "Light Gathering" HIVIZ® Green Dot
Rear Sight: Adjustable V-Notch
Firing System: N/A
Grip: Hogue Bantam
Trigger: .312" Smooth Target
Hammer: .375" Target
External Safety: N/A
Frame: Medium
Finish: Matte Stainless/ Grey
Overall length: 8-1/8"
Material: Aluminum alloy frame, barrel shroud and yoke, titanium cylinder: stainless steel barrel liner
Weight Empty: 18 ounces

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