The Smith and Wesson Model 457 pistol is another in the company's line of no-nonsense defense guns. It's a compact pistol with the full firepower of eight rounds of .45 ACP (seven in the magazine and one in the chamber). The aluminum alloy frame and carbon steel slide and barrel result in a weight of 29 ounces unloaded, making it an excellent choice for carry.

The sights on the 457 are fixed white dot. The rear sight has rounded edges to eliminate snagging on clothing. The pistol is finished in a durable matte black for eliminating glare. The magazine has a rubber extension that serves as a finger rest as well as an aid in slamming the magazine home.


Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 7 Rounds +1
Barrel Length: 3-3/4"
Front Sight: White Dot
Rear Sight: Fixed 2-Dot
Firing System: N/A
Grip: Straight Backstrap
Trigger: .305" Combat
Hammer: .260" Bobbed
External Safety: Single Side
Frame: Compact
Finish: Black
Overall length: 7-1/4"
Material: Aluminum Alloy / Carbon Steel
Weight Empty: 29 ounces

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Smith and Wesson 457 Reviews:

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By BTD, Lafayette, LA
June 20, 2015

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"This .45 is simply the best I've ever owned. Shot several thousand rounds with out one Hiccup. It's very accurate . I love the fact I can drop the mag and disable the gun in a struggle.. This gun flys under the radar and under rated by many who haven't even owned one, all because of the price. Their loss my gain. There are still some of these weapons out there that have never been shot still in the box."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By Zeus, Las Vegas, NV
August 13, 2014

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I had one of these Smith&Wesson model #457's for more than 5 years. I had to sell to pay my mothers medical bills, I am looking for another one now. This is one of the best carry weapons around, I fire over 1'000 rounds through it with no problems. I had other carry weapons like glocks and they just sucked compared to the Smith&Wesson 457. This weapon has great stopping power, And is unmatched in reliability. It fired every time with no jams. The one safety release is great, Not like other 45's with 2 or more safeties. This weapon has very little recoil like other 45's, This weapon would be great for a woman to carry. My 87 year old mother could shoot it with no problem, She loved it and always wanted to go target shooting with me. Well all else I could say is buy one and you will love it. I am still looking for one I wish S&W still made this model."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By fhedrickjr, Newark, DE
August 13, 2014

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I purchased my 457 at a gun show in Florida in 1998. I traded a used Ruger GP100 4" revolver and $212.00 cash for this little gem. I haven't seen anyone talking about the version I have, so, I am wondering how "rare" it is. It is the black slide, but, instead of the black alloy frame, it is the matte finished alloy frame. I replaced the factory grips with a Hogue set, making the pistol fit a little better in the hand. With 160gr HydraShocks, it is very accurate, although, the nice pink flame would surely have an effect on your night vision. I carried it for a while in a fanny pack, but, due to persperation, it started to corrode a little bit on the rear of the slide. I cleaned her up, oiled her and put her away in 2009, and started carrying an alloy framed/stainless slide 11 + 1 DAO S&W in .40S&W. I wish they had a link so I could post a picture of the 457. The two tone look is pretty cool!"

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By Howard Blair, Margate, FL
June 26 2013

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"From all the reading about this pistol. I am happy that I made a good trade for my Chinese SKS. This gun is heavy, but has a good feel for a compact pistol. My real only complaint, is the feel of the grip. I will be searching for a different grip if they are made."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By Sam, Hahira, GA
May 14, 2013

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"Very smooth accurate firearm. I love it. It is very easy to clean and not to big for concealment. It works very well for me."

Overall Rating: review stars, 5 out of 5 possible stars 5 out of 5
By batman, Dallas, Georgia
February 26, 2013

Purpose: Defense/Law Enforcement

"I own several glocks in assorted calibers, but the Smith and Wesson 457 is my favorite. It is reliable, lightweight and compact. It is my #1 carry weapon."

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