photograph of Smith and Wesson model 625 revolver, showing stainless finish, Hogue rubber grips, and adjustable target sights

The Smith and Wesson model 625 revolver is one of few models chambered for .45 ACP. It's an ideal target gun, with adjustable rear sights and a partridge type front sight. It features Hogue rubber grips with finger grooves to give you a firm yet comfortable hold on the gun.

The five inch barrel has a full-length underlug, giving the revolver excellent balance. The trigger is a smooth target style. The hammer is a smooth target style as well.

The stainless steel has been glass bead-blasted to give an attractive, no-glare finish.

The model 625 also has an interesting history. Before there was a model 625, there was just the blued model 25. Before the model 25 was called the model 25, it was called the ".45 Caliber Hand Ejector Model of 1955". The Hand Ejector models had been introduced five years earlier in .45 ACP and .45 LC, and were designed from the start to be target revolvers. They were very well received, but Smith and Wesson waited a few years before officially assigning them model numbers. The .45 LC version became the model 26, and the .45 ACP version became the model 25.

When Smith and Wesson began making revolvers in stainless steel in the 1970's, a stainless version of the model 25 was added to the line and, like all stainless models, had a "6" added to the model number. The model 25, the blued version, was discontinued in the 1990's, leaving the 626 to fill the role. Smith and Wesson still makes a blued model 26 in .45 LC, just like the original.


Caliber: .45 ACP
Capacity: 6 Rounds
Barrel Length: 5"
Front Sight: Patridge
Rear Sight: Adjustable Black
Firing System: N/A
Grip: Hogue Rubber
Trigger: .312" Smooth Target
Hammer: .400" Target
External Safety: N/A
Frame: Large
Finish: Glass Bead
Overall length: 10-3/8"
Material: Stainless Steel
Weight Empty: 45 ounces

Also available in a 4" barrel version.

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